Sunday, 15 September 2013

I'm in a mag!

It is a magazine for Dutch teenage Christians - that group is way too small so it isn't a big thing at all..

But for me it is!
The first magazine where the article is about me. (I've written for small mags or papers before, that is nothing new).

But this is about me and my passion. 
The rubric is called 'Jij hebt pit!' - freely translated 'You are passionate'.
Which is about right. 
The magazine's name it Pit, too.

How did the mag's editors come across me?
Thanks to the small world I live in. 
My uncle's sister Ruth works for Pit, so family bonds, but her colleague from the same youth organisation, Leendert, goes to the same church as I do! 
So, that's how.

I'm not going to translate the whole thing, but you understand what it's about, just the whole vintage thing, and how I got to it, you know. 
In previous episodes of this rubric (it's a series) the youngsters told the readers about how they 'meet' God while doing the thing they love - for example surfing.
I hope I didn't disappoint too much readers, but I never particularly experience anything religious when shopping for antiques... or blogging... 
But that's okay I think.

I blame the weird photo quality on the weather, which is kind of depressing: my weather app says 80% chance of showers today and tomorrow.

So this was -for me- very exciting!
This little mag doesn't have millions of readers but with 3 or 4 more girls checking out my blog I'm a happy gal.
And, how many magazines will follow?
The world is at my feet! Hehe.

Thanks, Ruth!

x Jessica

Friday, 13 September 2013

School et cetera

Bad, bad blogger..!

How dare you neglect your blog like that?!

Yup, it's been two weeks...

And it has also been two weeks since school started!
Now you won't be surprised when I tell you my school books look awfully modern, with screaming colours and ugly fonts.
Thought I'd make it all a bit more fun for myself!
I don't call it customizing, since we're sort of obliged to cover our books, but I think I made them somewhat classier.
You must know that pretty much the only school stuff you can get at the stores (for not too much €€) are more focused on the 12-15 year old kids, which is weird because 18 year olds go to that same school.
I actually found this covering paper at the boy's section, such a taboo. (another weird thing! There are very strict boys' and girls' sections, grey and blue tones for the first group, pink floral prints for the other. Whyy)

Here we go!

Maths! Looks pretty nice - I think-,  even for maths.
Those weren't all my study books, obviously. But the other books pretty much 
look the same or haven't been covered yet... oops

Moving on to the notebooks.

Ancient Art 
History - fav subject deserves prettiest notebook!
Social Science

Since there were no classic-looking and not-too-pricey agendas, I made my own.
Bought a simple notebook and filled it in - best decision in my life so far

My dear pen(cil) case

Yeah I'm a bit ashamed of putting this photo up, found out it's incredibly hard to take a photo of your -heavy- bag when you have to hold it with one hand as well..
But had to share it!
It is a classic school bag model, so happy with it!
In this blogpost: you can see the bag in its full glory.

You won't have to wait this long for the next blogpost again, because I already wrote it!
It is quite exciting. :)

Enjoy your weekend,
x Jessica