Friday, 1 November 2013

I'm a librarian!

Here in the Netherlands, we don't really celebrate Halloween,
but I know a lot of my (47..heh) followers do, so I hope you had a great Halloween!
-I did celebrate Reformation Day though, has to do with church history. Has nothing to do with costumes, candy and pumpkin carving.- 

As you might have read in a previous blogpost, or seen on my InstaGram,
I have a mini job at the local library!
Which makes me a librarian, hehe.

My only job is to tidy up all the books, and last week I was even scolded as I was helping the customers 'too much'... 

Still, it's the best part time job I, as a student, can imagine.

I have been a member of this library longer than I can remember. 
It's a one-minute walk from my house, and can you recall the Photoshoot blogpost? 
(probably not, that was almost a year ago) 
Yup.. same library! (ugh, hate that word. In Dutch it's 'bibliotheek', might be a bit longer but not as tongue-breaking as libwawy)

Officially, I only work two hours a week, but I get to work extra a lot; 
often my colleagues are sick or have other obligations... 
Not sure why they don't just come to work, but I don't mind! €€€

No but seriously. 
The job itself is great too, not just the paycheck. 
Instead of people I am surrounded by books! Pretty idyllic, if you ask me.

The building isn't exactly what I'd call... 1930's.
Not in the least - it's really ugly, especially from the outside. 
Lately, I definitely haven't always rocked that wartime look, but when I go to work, 
I try to dress up as classic as possible, to compensate that 90's ugliness.
(And to receive all the appreciative looks and nods from the middle-aged men in the reading room..)

A really great part of my job is deciding what books to put in the display - aka which books have the prettiest covers!

Every time I am amazed by what kind of books this library has to offer. 
Sometimes it seems a bit random:
hundreds of children's books on Christmas, but only 15-or-so about one of our country's greatest writers.
I am, thanks to this minimum wage libwawy job, even more eager to read.

Happy weekend!
And read a book:)

x Jessica


  1. Hello Jessica, I'm a part time librarian too! I've nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award and there are some questions for you at my page, congratulations and keep up the great work :)