Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tribute to Brogues


That type of vintage-style shoe that is very 2013 as well!
(More for men's nowadays but we can deal with that)

Personally, I love brogues (aka Oxford shoes aka jazz shoes aka wingtip shoes or just classic men's shoes as I like to call them) - ok you probably lost the sentence in your head, let's start again. :)
Personally, I love brogues more than any other classic shoe, because of the following reasons:

Brogues are comfortable, no high heels and a bit warmer than open shoes
They're feminine yet 'serious' - not slutty
They can be worn any time of the year: combinable with stockings during cold days, or bare legs and cute pastel socks during summer!
As I mentioned before, they're quite 2013 too, therefore easy to get hands on
And obviously, brogues are VERY pretty.

The word 'brogue' came into English in the late sixteenth century. It comes from the Gaelic bróg (Irish), bròg (Scottish) 'shoe', from the Old Norse 'brók' meaning 'leg covering'.

Boom! Random WikiPedia information you could've looked up by yourself as well!

I am lucky to say that I have owned two pairs of brogues (and still counting).
Well, my first pair passed away.
A €20 H&M pair that served me for over a year (and no, I wasn't always a sweet owner...).
I found some pictures of me wearing the cuties.
Especially liked this one:

Fancy socks
(wow, my legs were baby soft back then! You should see my leg fur now)

Something I actually only notice by now:
The laces! They've lost their brown colour :(

However, those H&M shoes belong to the past.
I did kind of well without my brogues this year,
but as I got more and more into the classic schoolgirl look,
I suddenly felt something was missing in my life.

I already knew I didn't particularly want a genuine vintage pair,
since I wanted to go for quality.

Long story short, the hunting was over when I looked at New Look's website.
Perfect brogues, not expensive, shippable to The Netherlands.

Best part of this: The package would be delivered between 5-7 workdays, but I actually had it in my hands two days after ordering!

Terribly sorry for the white dots on my tights, no idea what they're doing there?!
Very content with 'em.

I said I have had two pairs of these men's shoes 'and still counting'.
For example,
I have high heel brogues on my list.
Something like these would be perfect:

Fancy, right?

I found these partly plaid brogues on Google too, so classy!
More for the male brogue wearers, though.


And these awesome brogue boots, a bit Pippi Longstocking meets school girl.
Would really like to own a pair!


So far my personal little tribute to Brogues.

Bye bye for now!
X Jessica

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  1. I've been looking into these myself! I love them!