Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Mum's childhood games

Ah, our parent's childhood games.
Everyone inherited them, they're not really that ancient and everyone has at least 4, 
but yet I cherish all of them. 

-the word 'game' I used here can be replaced by the word 'toy'- 

And I wanted to share them with you!
I'm not going to give too much information on the games/toys itself, 
just look at the pretty pictures. :)

This isn't only my Mum's childhood in a few pictures, but also her siblings' (she has 7 younger brothers and sisters).

Mens erger je niet,
similar to a game called Parcheesi, played in the States.
Timeless board game! 
Really makes you hate your family, though.

Nothing wrong with a bit of classic racism!
Haha, kidding.
Love this game of Mikado!

This isn't really a toy or game, but everybody loves a cute little abacus, right?

Pretty domino blocks!

I must confess I never played this game.
It's kind of fragile and we have enough other fun games,
but I believe one has to pick three cards, and then the combination has a funny outcome, or something.
It's called The Entertaining Advertisement Game. Woohoo!

Adorable little carousel - and it still works!

Ooh it's so pretty!
Love the colours and letters etc of this badminton set.
And: not just made in China, but in The People's Republic of China, uhuh.


Well, well, well.
I know - it's been quite a while with this blogging thing.
Once again, I reaaaally can't find the time!
School is fun, but very busy.
I also have a job at the local library now! Perfect, but does cost me extra time.

Now I'm having a two weak break, so hopefully I can make up a bit for the time I didn't blog.
I too noticed that in autumn/winter time it is not as easy to quickly make a fancy blogpost;
I get home from school late - too late to take good pictures, sometimes, it already has gotten too dark.

Anyway, thanks for reading me!
Have a fabulous week.

xo Jessica

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