Thursday, 24 October 2013

My autumn in close-up

Ok, not my entire autumn, but the clothing part.

I've kind of given up on full outfit photos:
Either a webcam photo, or a mirror selfie.
No thanks!
(You might remember the photography stuggles if you've followed my blog for a longer time.. Sigh)

However, I do want to show you my favourite prints and fabrics of this cold but amazing season!
So I decided to do it differently. 


Close-ups of my favourite autumn pieces.
Use your imagination and combine the shots into a gorgeous outfit!

Here we go.

Cardigan + shirt


This spider is so magnificent! He made an incredible web, and is a real fighter, for example I saw him fight a wasp yesterday. On the photo he looks kind of dead, but he's in fact alive and kicking.

Reeeaally warm jumper

Very pretty cardigan 

Another scarf - not very warm but very nice to look at

Grey/purple skirt, my latest purchase, and already a favourite! 

This cardi is in fact blood red, but it's so sunny here at the moment I couldn't capture it very well!
What a first world problem

Pretty - and kind of cozy!- scarf
Has all my favourite colours in it.

My men's style trousers! 

Autumn is just around the corner:)
Super warm cardigan, and easily combinable too.

Green stockings; often wear these with a boring grey skirt...

...Like this one. 

I have a new pair of brogues!
Might blog about them soon

Another great warm jumper

My wallet

Best bag EVER. Bought it way back, when I wasn't into vintage at all!

Beautiful overcoat that can be worn 'normal' and inside-out
Love the moss green colour!

Detail of the best purchase of the century.
H&M, when I wasn't into vintage all that much, yet this mantle is so 1940s. 

Scarf number 4! A really practical and warm one.
Plus, great print.

I hope you now have a slightly better view on the outfits you might see me in this season!

X Jessica


  1. Ooo I love all the textures! I am always drawn to anything knitted.

    If you are having outfit photo difficulties, may I recommend trying a tripod? They can be pretty inexpensive and make outfit photos much, much easier. I almost always use a tripod since I don't have anyone to take blog photos for me. You just need to set your camera to "self timer mode" and jump in front of the camera :)

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      But yeah, well, about my camera...
      I just use my iPhone.
      And I ask *for example* my mum to take an outfit photo, but that's just too dramatic, haha.
      So the struggle continues..!