Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Handsome bad guys

I saw this awesome post on 9GAG, 
and being the business woman I am, I immediately thought of my blog.

Didn't want you to miss this!
(Oh and if this is the second time for you to watch the photos, I guess you aren't mad with me either, right?)

1920's men's mugshots.
It probably does not get any better. 

Now these men are gangsters!
Not nowadays' teen boys with their pants hanging unbelievably low.

It looks like a first class photoshoot too. Would love to have some of these pinned above my bed.^^

Who was your favourite?
Personally, I can't choose, but I know the messenger boy on the 10th photo has really nice hair...
Also, the guy 'who refused to open his eyes' is pretty badass.

Oh, correction, I do have a favourite: the penultimate man, Patrick Riley, probably wins the prize for sexiest half-smile.
(with this new 9GAG layout, it isn't too easy to find the OP's username.. oops)

I now realise this was kind of a lazy post.
Anyway I'm sure you enjoyed!

x Jessica


  1. There's too many to choose a favorite! I like the guy who refused to open his eyes. That made me chuckle. I think the standing picture of William Stanley Moore is a great photo. But, if I had to choose the most handsome? Probably W.T. O'Brien. Though, I'd have to see him with his hat on. :)

  2. Best pose = the guy in the first picture. Definetely. The best looking guy = the guy on the right in picure no. 7. F.W.Wilson. But he would look better with a baker boy style cap.

  3. Ha ha! These are so cool! thanks for sharing, they are very handsome. By the way, I'm 17 as well! I thought that was pretty cool as I've never met anyone my age who loves vintage too. Have a great day!