Sunday, 15 September 2013

I'm in a mag!

It is a magazine for Dutch teenage Christians - that group is way too small so it isn't a big thing at all..

But for me it is!
The first magazine where the article is about me. (I've written for small mags or papers before, that is nothing new).

But this is about me and my passion. 
The rubric is called 'Jij hebt pit!' - freely translated 'You are passionate'.
Which is about right. 
The magazine's name it Pit, too.

How did the mag's editors come across me?
Thanks to the small world I live in. 
My uncle's sister Ruth works for Pit, so family bonds, but her colleague from the same youth organisation, Leendert, goes to the same church as I do! 
So, that's how.

I'm not going to translate the whole thing, but you understand what it's about, just the whole vintage thing, and how I got to it, you know. 
In previous episodes of this rubric (it's a series) the youngsters told the readers about how they 'meet' God while doing the thing they love - for example surfing.
I hope I didn't disappoint too much readers, but I never particularly experience anything religious when shopping for antiques... or blogging... 
But that's okay I think.

I blame the weird photo quality on the weather, which is kind of depressing: my weather app says 80% chance of showers today and tomorrow.

So this was -for me- very exciting!
This little mag doesn't have millions of readers but with 3 or 4 more girls checking out my blog I'm a happy gal.
And, how many magazines will follow?
The world is at my feet! Hehe.

Thanks, Ruth!

x Jessica


  1. Congratulations my dear - you should be very proud of yourself.

  2. That's awesome! Every little bit counts, so good job, Jessica!