Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Joy of Parenting pt. 5

Here I am again!

With part 5 already from the Joy of Parenting series.

Aw ^_^
The Saturday Evening Post
July 30, 1955
15 cents

Hmm. I'm pretty sure that in the 1950s children still got spanked, and in the 2010's as well,  but ok.
The Saturday Evening Post, May 3, 1952 - 15 cents

Personally I like the paper that's already on the walls better, but hey, who am I?
The Saturday Evening Post
November 22, 1958 - 15 cents

Hehe x)
Week ending January 10 1959
John Bull illustrated
Every Wednesday 4,5d

It looks like he is heating the baby's milk bottle?
The Saturday Evening Post
August 28, 1954 - 15 cents
Musical: The Star the Fans don't know by Bob Broeg
The Strange Case of the most-wanted robber since Dillinger

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Until next time, 
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