Friday, 9 August 2013

The Big Smoke - books!

So, I might or might not be in London at this very moment...
Will you ever know? ;)

Anyway over the past few months, I have collected some antique books about my favourite city, but I never got to show you them. 
Why not now?

Definitely the oldest oldie in my London collection! 
Haven't really found time to read it (yet) but owning it has already been great. 

(the book is red like you can see here^, not pink like ^^)

A very pretty one, this Ward Lock & Co guide!

Bacon! <3
A (not so) up-to-date atlas&guide.

This isn't really a London guide, but an English guide for travelers.
There are so many words in that Dutch section above^ that we don't use anymore!
Oh I love linguistics.
Anyway it's really a useful guide.

This might be the start of a London guide collection!

Hope you liked it.

xx Jessica

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