Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer blog post

It's August already! Why didn't anyone tell me?!
Well I think this fact gives me the opportunity to write a long post about something that can also be told about in two sentences with only one photo attached.

However that would have to be a top-to-toe photo but that is no way for me!
Webcam and iPhone will, again, have to do.

I have a new dress!

No head today
Well, not really new obviously. But new to me. 
I bought it in my beloved Utrecht, in a cute little shop called 'Sisters Vintage'. By the look of it, I couldn't discover one single piece of genuine vintage but there were certainly things with a classic look. 
For example this beauty! It is from the brand King Louie and I paid €25. 

Usually I wouldn't pay that much for a second-handie that isn't even vintage but with my London trip coming up I realised I didn't have a proper summer dress (only H&M things from last year but these are so short! I have no idea how I used to bend over in those things). 
Well now I do have a dress, and a very summer-y one as well.

In full glory
Cute fabric
It does look a bit like I'm wearing pyjamas, same fabric and print. 
Especially when the waist isn't tightened up.
Which brings me to...


This ribbon. Wasn't part of the dress, it was mine already - maybe the cute ducks don't match completely with the floral print but when in a bow, who ever notices that?

Anyway overall the dress isn't much special, but I like how it fits me and also how it's not shine-through - a rarity with white delicate dresses!

I didn't want you to miss these pictures out:

Here is my 'third day hair', three days after I curled it. 
Hasn't got much to do with curls but I think it looks rather fancy, especially from the back!


 Well I like it.

Hey, I did a pretty good job with filling one big blogpost with stuff I could've said in fewer sentences, didn't I?

Good luck with another heat wave coming up, fellow Europeans,
and good luck with life in general everyone else.

x Jessica


  1. Absolutely gorgeous dress xx

  2. That dress is just adorable! And your hair is perfect! I especially love the duck sweet.