Monday, 5 August 2013

Albert Heijn 125 years - part 2

A long, long time ago I blogged about our supermarket Albert Heijn and its 125th anniversary:

I showed you some material AH brought on the market to celebrate their 125th, but there's more!

 Adorable storage tins, with classic AH images.

I really like 'em! They're quite useful as well, in fact I store my hair rolls in them. 
(btw my room has (partly) pink wallpaper, that's why it seems like there's a pink filter over the photos. Tried my best to neutralize the colour so you guys better be content!)

Oh the tins have pretty, quite luxurious-looking covers as well:

Ok, those were the pretty tins.
They also came up with wrapping paper.
Not your average kind of wrapping paper but....
Classic ads wrapping paper!

Oh myyyy
It's sooo pretty!
You can get it in your local Albert Heijn supermarket for free...
Well at least in the rural, less criminal areas. ;)

Derp Housewife

You flirt with strawberries when you're out of girls duh

Ok now this guy REALLY likes jam.. bit creepy...

''White beans in tomato sauce! Ready in a hump!''
Yeah, that sounds just as bad in Dutch as it does in English.

What can I say more?

I find it so cute that I even wrapped my Bible and (ok, last year's) agenda in it.

You guys might think 'uhhh what's so special about it...'
But you must realise that there is hardly anything available in this country with a classic or authentic vibe so this paper is amazing. Plus, it's good quality.
You don't hear me complain...

Bye bye folks,

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  1. Oh these are lovely old advertisements!!!
    I shopped all the time at Albert Heijn when I was in Holland :) Such a great store