Saturday, 3 August 2013

34° Celsius at the moment...

My apologies, I didn't feel like doing a lot of research for a new article or having elaborate photo shoots - so a thrift shop haul blogpost it is.

We have an average thrift shop here in my town, a good one in the city nearby, but in a town a few kilometres further... Well let's call it a thrift hall.

Especially the shoe and clothing department was to die for.
Okay I didn't buy clothes this time but I will be back!
I did buy some shoes....
(You might have caught up on my haul already when you follow me in Instagram)

Not very summer-y, but pretty they are! 
Don't you think? Ok the heels are a bit too high to give them that genuine '30s look, but will do. 
I had only been in the store for 1 minute and then these beauties caught my eye. 
And they fit to a T! 
You haven't even heard the price...
€2. Yup, I definitely paid only 2 euros for these in-perfect-state babes. 
Oh well.
(I later got in an argument with the cashier, because apparently the price tag had fallen off, and she couldn't believe me they were €2 as I said. I don't blame her for I couldn't believe it either! 
Later on I could prove it so I didn't pay too much.)

Pretty scarf! When I saw a bunch of pretty scarves in Utrecht priced €4 each, I was tempted to buy at least one but told myself that there are definitely cheaper ones out there - just as gorgeous! 
And well, it was worth it because for this beauty, I only had to pay €1. 
Love the colours! Autumn shades are the best in my opinion, and match nicely with my dark features. 

Super cheap buttons are always a great win! I now have a serious button collection and I cherish it. 
These are obviously just simple ones, great for a cardigan with, for example, ingenious stitch work. 
I know not everyone is with me but I love those moss green colours! Much better than bright neons. 

Half a vanity set. Not genuine 1920's, not at all...
But not less pretty in my eyes! A little less delicate than those silver things, a bit more character maybe, because of the wood.
They're not perfectly clean or like new but my dressing table loves them already.
And the prices get crazier and crazier: I payed €1,25 for both..?! 

I realised that some of these purchases have one thing in common:
they're a bit focused on autumn or even winter!
The shoes of course, and the scarf would perfectly go with my 1940's winter coat. 
I so so much look forward to the colder seasons! 
Not only because of the temperature, but the colours, the food and everything.
Anyway August has just started to I better try to pull myself through these sweaty months.

Bye Bye,


  1. Great haul...some wonderful bargains in there!

  2. Great buy on the shoes, they are fabulous!