Monday, 1 July 2013

Why the Fuss?


Today is Doomsday, huh. Sort of.

Google Reader is shutting down and everybody loses their mind...

The past few months, a lot of bloggers I follow have moved to Bloglovin' for this reason.
This amazed me and made me wonder, don't you girls (and some gents) use Blogger and its Dashboard?

When I created my blog last November, I used the programme, connected with and part of Google.
I even made those Google Mail and Google Plus accounts because I thought I had to...
The first one is great, but the second one... ah well don't get me started on Google +. Hehe.
Anyway the programme Blogger is all natural for me, I use it almost every day to write a new article, to check my viewer statistics and of course to check if any of the people I follow updated something new.

However, that last part isn't too natural to some of you..?

So I'm wondering: did Blogger change over time - so did it not always use to have a page where you can see all new feed from fellow bloggers? Just like how Facebook didn't always make it that easy to see what your friends were up to - now it is easy.

Or do you all think Google Reader is the same programme as Blogger Dashboard?
No, you don't, I know.

(sorry for the bad quality, I blame Windows and its print screen. Anyway the picture is here to serve my story, not giving you details.)
This is what the page looks like when I want to get the fun started.
Write a blogpost, check out those of other bloggers, anything.
This printscreen was 'taken' today, July 1st, 16:00, Greenwich Mean Time +1.
As you can see, this doesn't involve Bloglovin' at all.
I can follow everyone just as I always used to and write on my blog to eternity...

Google Reader shutting down? No problemo.

Maybe you aren't following the blogs you follow by Google Friend Connect. I know I do!

Brittany from VaVoomVintage already explained it all in March :
Do read it.

I'm anxious about my followers who have sworn off Blogger or GFC or whatever and now fully rely on Bloglovin': I am not on Bloglovin' myself and I do not EVER want to lose my followers - there's only 36 of you and I worked (pretty) hard to gain you.

Sooo if you broke all your bonds with GFC or Blogger and are now bloglovin', please reconsider because you don't want to stop following my blog, right?
Right? :')


Okay, so far this concerned blogpost.

Next one will be cheerful as usual! ;)
And not about stupid digital 2013 problems, but something from the good old times.

Love you!


  1. Thanks for your comment! I think a ton of people think blogger dashboard and google reader are the same thing and they aren't! I've been blogging for 3 1/2 years, I guess and they've always had the reading list on the dashboard for me. It's easy to catch up with everyone that way and the wordpress blogs- I just subscribe via email! :)

  2. I don't know what all the fuzz is about eighter. I have been bloggin since 2009 and also only use the blogger you're not loosing me ;)

  3. I thought it was the blogger format that was going away with all the hoopla I have seen across the net. But, when I woke up this morning to find everything still the way it has always been, I was relieved. I still have both friend connect and bloglovin on my site. I like to give people the option of which they prefer to follow. I'm not a big fan of bloglovin since I have to go into another site to view these blogs. So, I'm glad the end of the world didn't happen.

    And, now you have 37 followers via friend connect. ;)

  4. Ik gebruik ook gewoon de dashboard van Blogger zelf. :-)