Friday, 26 July 2013

Today - and the last few days

This was such a weird week.
I was planning to do so much - but nah, too hot!
But today it wouldn't be over 25 degrees Celsius, as the weather forecaster said.
Stupid me thought that automatically it wouldn't be that disgustingly hot anymore!
How naive. It hasn't been this humid and muggy in ages...
Anyway I actually was to go shopping in Amersfoort city, but then the sky opened and it was raining like never before...
Plan B!
Going to the thrift shop with Mum and her car.
And so we did!

I scored a few little cute things, not much special:

A sunny scarf, I get all beach-y when I look at it. €1,50

A make-up mirror, it enlarges your reflection(?). Don't know how to say that in English but you know, a mirror where all your flaws and acne (and wrinkles but those haven't hit me yet) are frighteningly big.
I like the dirty green colour. €0,50

A cute little box. Didn't really need it, but when the day will come that I have my own antique vanity table, this green thing-y will look adorable on it. (also applies for the green mirror)

I now put some pins in it:

-- Nothing special, I know.

I have wanted a decent classic desk chair for a long time.
Now I have one! €5, that is a decent price as well.

(Yeah it needed to be cleaned that's why it's outside on papers)

Not very special either, but practical and comfortable.
And nice wood carvings.

Oh btw, the desk chair I used to have (ok I still have it I'm sitting on it right now) is a cheap basic IKEA one. Nothing wrong with it of course, but it didn't really complement my un-modern room.

In the title '..and the last few days' I was referring to the fact that this week, it's been so hot that actually only a few outfits were okay, and this one below is the week's favourite.
Yes, again the yellow shirt..
I don't have many other shirts or blouses cool enough for now, or they can't be knotted up like this.

It's not terribly 1940's or something, but with my crocheted bag, 1930's sunglasses and pastel ballerinas the whole look is not too modern.

Have a lovely weekend
Jessica xx

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