Monday, 22 July 2013

The Joy of Parenting pt. 4

I don't feel like blogging extensively these days, there is sort of a heat wave here in Western Europe!

So I decided to blog part 4 of the Joy of Parenting series, and I was sorting out photos when my breaking news app sent me a push message: Baby Boy!

Of course, the parenting series are always about family life but I found especially this magazine cover very fitting for today's happy news!

That is a lot of exclamation marks in a row!

Okay, here we go;

Okay, maybe William didn't have to do groceries or drive to the hospital himself,
and didn't have other children back at home, but heyyy.
Babies are cute, anytime, anywhere.

- The Saturday Evening Post
May 12, 1956
15 cents -

In case you're interested:
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Congrats to Kate and William!

And good luck everyone with the heat. :)


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