Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Big Smoke

Yeaaaaah, I'm going there!

London women having fun :)
Soon, I'll take the train, dive underneath The Channel and hop off in the city I can't stop talking about:

And oohh I'm excited!
The last few months, I've 'collected' websites and Tumblr pages with information and of course suggestions on what to visit.
I am going to do that 30 times more thoroughly the following weeks,
and I humbly ask your help!
I know that most of my readers don't live in London but somewhere totally different, but I bet at least a few of you have been in Britain's capital.

(I visited the city myself before, in 2008, but back then I was 12, not into vintage AT ALL, and we were there for such a short time that we could only see a few highlights.)

We already have these hotspots on our schedule:
Churchill War Rooms
Transport Museum
All important and less important churches
Museum of Brands (probably)
Maybe a Jack the Ripper tour...
Possibly the Ragged School Museum

And loads of other places-to-be.
Oh, and the markets! Of course the markets. Don't forget the markets.

Fruit importer and his apple-shaped cabin, 1928
So, in short:
I ask you for tips on where to visit,
- vintage or antique shops and markets naturally... (leave the 'vintage' 70's stuff to someone else)
- thrift stores, second hand shops, you know
- museums or other cultural 'institutions'... Yes please! Oh and leave the modern art; classic and history are keywords for both me and my Mum.
-other interesting things going on in London, such as cute bookshops, oh well you know
-and FOOD. Even in London we will have to eat from time to time. I'm into Arabic and Turkish food especially but of course I can't go back home without having tasted English cuisine.

As for most of 17 year old bloggers, the budget isn't too big. :)

I am not only asking your help when you've been to the Big Smoke yourself, but also when you've read a great post on someone else's blog or stumbled upon a useful website.
Or do you know someone, a blogging person, who lives in the City, please please tell me.

HUGE thanks in advance! 

Don't hesitate to comment, it's never ridiculous recommending some place, maybe I'll go there and love it so much that I'll thank you for ever. Do feel welcome to write something below! :)

Cheapside, 1890/1900
The pictures above are from @ClassicPics on Twitter, do follow this account!
Much more historical London photos, and of all other places in the world.

LOL (Lots of Love ;) )



  1. Ooh you should try Brasserie Zédel, just off Piccadilly Circus. It has great 1930s vibes and is also very reasonably priced! I wrote a post about it a while ago, but I'd recommend reading Jenny's review instead she includes a lot more info.

    Anyway, have fun in London! x

    1. Ooh thanks, that sounds awesome, will check out both reviews asap!

      thank you dear :) xx