Monday, 8 July 2013


A.k.a. presents.
A.k.a. gifts.

I already turned 17 in April, but only celebrated it for friends last Saturday, together with a friend (who'd had her birthday even earlier in the year). 
Hosting a party in July is often more convenient: bigger chance of good weather and this time of the year, people are more likely to be able to come to your party because we finished school just this Friday!

I mostly got cash as a present from friends, not very original or creative, but not less useful! 
However from 5 friends of mine I did get something special they actually had to go to a store for.

Pickwick Tea
Douwe Egberts (coffee)

 Cute tea and/or coffee tin


Another Douwe Egberts coffee tin!
Yes, it is definitely my favourite drink and I happen to sort of collect antique tins (who in this vintage world doesn't..?!) so these two are amazing!

But then we move on to this other gift, that is not particularly vintage, but (possibly) even more 'me' than the other ones..!

I raise you 'the Netherlands: THE BOOK. In five billion years from superpower to world empire'.
Yes, you can feel it already...


Yup, this is totally a book about my country's history - but then a liiiitle parodied.
I mean, (almost) everything stated in the book is true, they didn't make up facts or something, but they did .. uhmm.. add a bit of fun.

Tips and tricks for when you find yourself in an ice age.

We have lots of magazines here in NL, NAME. Such as JAN. , LINDA., ARIE.
So now we have the KARL. as well. Cute detail: not a dot but the communism logo!

Other designs for megaliths - stalinist, miniliths and Jenga-megaliths

Love it!
Would also love to blog about it but it is seriously pretty difficult to translate, here ^^ I only posted images but there's lots of text as well.

Sooo, thanks for these awesome presents Gerieke, Marlene, Eric, Laurens and Ard! :)

Oh by the way!

Had to post this photo of my Mum, taken last Friday. Don't you think she's a babe? She's not too photogenic and the 1950's style dress is too short for her long Dutch legs, but I think she looks great.
The dress was actually gifted to me by my aunt, but too big - now Mum rocks it.

Sorry for being a bit late with blogging, I am in deep shame.

Bye haters! xoxo


  1. What do you mean your mum is not photogenic? But she is very much indeed! Dress is very cute and is quite flattering on her.

    1. Oh well I said that because she wasn't really looking to my camera (you can't see that clearly because of the filter, I see now).
      But of course she is a stunner indeed! :D

      I showed her your comment, she was flattered.:)