Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It's been 7 weeks...

Yes, 7 weeks since I curled my hair, but yesterday I did!

And I was once again reminded why the last time was so long ago.
In short: it was a pain in the...
Uhh it was horrible.

Almost every girl or woman in my life is jealous of my hair... Little do they know!
It may look healthy and shiny when in a braid or after I just washed it, but it's *hell* on a hot sweaty day and especially when I want to do something special (that is '30s/'40s) like curl it or create an updo.
Oh actually I can't do anything simple with it either.
It is just too thick!
It isn't really that long (any more) so I should be able to handle it. Nope.

Despite all this horror I did try to give it a shot again yesterday.
I used 28 bendy foam rollers and 8 other foam rollers (the kind that you sort of 'close')...
Yeah, that's a lot - a lot more than the average girl who curls her hair I think!
It took me about 2 hours to get it all in (that includes a lot of frustration and 'why did I choose this lifestyle again argh?'-moments).
At around 17:30 I was finished, every single hair was finally rolled up.
This morning at around, say 08:30 I rolled my hair out of the rollers...

Quite satisfying! (obviously this is only a quarter of my hair, the rest is safely at the back)
A bit of brushing and lots of hair grips later...

Sorry, it was kind of rainy (not fatal, thankfully) so the selfie quality isn't too good, and of course my hair is really dark but there are some victory rolls on top of that.

Then I hit the town!
First I went to our local market and picked up some basic buttons for a mini sewing project, nothing special. Well, special enough for me, but.
Then I rode my bike to the near city, Amersfoort, and got on the train to Utrecht!
Utrecht is my favourite city in this country. I like it better than Amsterdam, a little less focused on the tourists but still pretty international, great shopping possibilities, cool museums and not to forget: an awesome University. This won't be the last time you will hear me about that uni!
Anyway I'm getting distracted.
I went to Utrecht, and it was quite lovely out! Not too cold, no rain, but... windy. It was very, very windy! Ok, the wind in my hair does give me a bit of a diva-appearance, but apart of that it's rather disastrous.

Back home.... I am not looking too enthusiastic, bet you can understand why..!
I didn't exercise much or something, just strolling was what I did, and when cycling I had my hair tied up in a bun. Yet, there is no sign of this morning's tight curls! 

Victory rolls and everything out.
I am obviously having fun. :)
No, a lack of volume is never my problem!
Yet, this is not what I had in mind when rolling my hair in foam things yesterday.
(photo took with webcam on a rainy evening and I had my desk lamp already switched on so sorry for the pixelation).

Re-did my hair a bit, I think it's pretty cute!
But in a few minutes, it has nothing to do with the 1940's any more. :(

(By the way do you guys like my new dress? I know I do! €2,50 at the thrift store, it has cute smocking in the waist, yeahh)

So far my complaints on curling my hair!
I better go practice some new classic hair styles that don't need curling before London, because either my hair has to change dramatically (ie get thinner) or it will not be curled for long.

Special thanks to me, for taking the selfies.

Uhm when reading through this post before publishing it, I sound a bit depressed and nagging.
Not the case! In fact, I'm having a great week, it's just my hair that doesn't always do what I want.
No big deal. :)

xx Jessica


  1. Toen ik pas 'begon' met mijn nostalgische levensstijl had ik ook heel erg lang (tot op mijn stuitje) en heel dik haar. Ik kon er niet heel veel mee behalve een Gibson roll. Maar ik vond dat te saai, weinig glamorous en dus besloot ik na lang wikken en wegen, en na heel wat jaren lang haar te hebben gehad, het af te knippen. Ik heb er NOOIT spijt van gehad.

    Ik heb het tot bovenop mijn schouders geknipt en merkte dat het veel makkelijker was om mijn haar te stylen. Lang haar was in die tijd ook niet in de mode en ik kon er ineens alle kanten mee op.

    Sindsdien is mijn haar nooit meer langer geweest dan dat.

    1. Bedankt voor je reactie.:)

      Ja, ik ga het inderdaad maar korter laten knippen, hoewel ik eigenlijk vind dat m'n haar al best kort is! Zeker vergeleken met eerst.
      Maar goed, ik ga toch maar weer eens een tripje naar de kapper wagen...
      Is hopelijk ook wat lichter, met dit weer kan mijnn haar zo broeierig voelen in m'n nek :S

    2. Dat broeierige gevoel ken ik. Maar daar hebben we gelukkig snoods voor!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous!

    As someone who has shorter (a 1940s long middy) but extremely thick hair, curling did take lots of practice. If I tried to do roughly the same size pin curls as some of the youtubers my hair wouldn't dry. It just takes practice. I now use mainly pin curls after trying sponge rollers and hot rollers. Once they are dry and set they are in for days for me! Just keep practising.

    1. Aw thanks, dear!

      Well I decided to cut my hair at around shoulder-length, that will hopefully be the trick.
      And practising indeed, I spend all my nights watching YouTube-videos and re-creating the styles now..:)