Sunday, 14 July 2013

Inspector fetishist?

In very short time, I've had two cases where I found myself slightly attracted to Poirot's inspectors (from the tv series) - who were (at least in the book) said to be .. well.. stiff.

This is alarming to me!

I'll go through some movie stills with you.

Starting off with 'ze gud inspector Zjapp'. Okay that was an attempt to write down Poirot's charming accent.
Anyway Chief Inspector James Japp.

Sorry, but aahh...
He's so cute! I don't know what it is, but I can look and listen - don't forget listen! - at him all day long.
Deep voice, half-closed eyes, yeaaaah.

Terribly sorry for the quality, I tried everything; cropping with iPhoto, on the internet, in Blogger, even on my iPhone.

All serious - Poirot creeping in the back
Love this three-piece suit of Japp's!
At the butcher's
Blue eyes! <3
Pyjamas! Plus cool Art Deco bathroom

Out-of-bed-look! Duty calls

While fangirling over this man,
I did notice something VERY alarming...
I realised that James Japp doesn't only look utterly British, Scotland Yard-ish and dull...

He also reminds me of a certain Austria-born German leader..!

 Of course, the mustache is a bit less square, but the eyes and the hair...

He'd make a good Hitler in some new movie, don't you think?

After me having discovered this, the attraction rather ... cooled down.


These screenshots were from Hickory Dickory Dock - murder in the student hostel.
One of my favourites! Highly recommended if you haven't watched it yet - and also if you already have.
Also if you want to see the stills in better quality.

This is the final scene, a very funny one - no spoiler.
A bit... ambiguous! It quietly implies something.
Oh by the way - Japp doesn't always live like that, his wife Emily just left him home alone for a couple of days, and now he cooks for Poirot.

Do watch it!
You might have more understanding for my craze for this Englishman.

So, this was today's 'inspector fetishism'.
It is all very neat and proper though, no weird fantasies!

Tuesday I will discuss (all on my own I'm afraid) another inspector I have an internet crush on.
I was planning to have both of them in this blogpost but I really underestimated making movie stills:
pausing at the right time, rewinding, cropping, you understand.

-let's try some Dutch here...-


xoxo Jessica

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  1. Hallo Jessica,

    I just discovered your lovely tribute to Chief Inspector James Japp. I like it so much I must write some lines about it immediately.

    I absolutely share your opinion that this man has something special about him. Philipp Jackson - the wonderful actor portraying him so brilliantly - is indeed magnificent.

    Since I've seen him in the first episode of "Agatha Christie's Poirot" ("The Adventures of the Clapham Cook") for the first time I always thought that he deserved more attention than he usually got.

    James Japp may not be the brightest mind in the world but he is a hard-working, honest police officer. He is a ordinary man and never a boaster. He has a very dry sense of humour. All this makes him a very likeable.

    Of course these big eyes are fascinating. And I do love his mustache.

    Kind regards from Germany and again many thanks for your lovely tribute!