Friday, 19 July 2013

Afternoon Tea

Yesterday my grandpa, grandma, her sister and her sister's husband came over and I hosted an afternoon tea!

I've only been into cooking and baking since a few months, and this was kind of my first big project.
(I do cook dinner very often, but since I only live with my Mum that isn't very special or hard work.)

And oh had I fun preparing it!

- Beware, lots of photos -

I kind of forgot to take a photo when everything was set up, including the tea etc.
Anyway I think you have an idea how it all looked. 

Cherry pastries and a Dutch interpretation of scones

Home made strawberry jam and cream to go with the scones - I did 'lemonize' the cream though: it was flaming hot yesterday (and the whole week and next week as well) so everyone could do with a bit more freshness!

Chocolate - not home made, hehe.
I'm getting more and more into dark chocolate lately!

Berries, they were surprisingly sweet! Normally they're rather sour, not my cup of tea really.

We have a thing like 'egg cake' here in the Netherlands, it is normally eaten plain or with jam, but I sprinkled sugar and lemon juice on top, and....

I also made this jar of lemon curd but didn't know what to eat it with, turns out it's great with Dutch egg cake!

Not all food at an afternoon tea table is sugar sweet. Salmon rolls and leek-curry quiche!
Quiche made by my Mum.

Carrot cake plus lime frosting!
Also I am convinced that two or three mini cake pieces are way better tasting than one big chunk.

Banana-pecan cake and brownies: this plate was all empty in no time!
Look at that dark crunchy crust! Kinda proud :)

Not-so-home-made fudge. Not less delicious, though!

Sandwiches. Brie and lettuce and fine meat

At first I was so smart not to put anything heavy on top of the napkins, so they were all over the garden. :/

Pretty dinnerware

There was lemonade as well! Stupid me didn't take a good photo of that but you can imagine: freshly squeezed lemons and limes and mint ice cubes. :)

It may not look like it but this tasted like mango fool!

I'm a sucker for details. Cake server! 

 I had a great day, even though it was so hot that even in our usually cool kitchen I was sweating and sweating. My grandparents and sort of other grandparents let me know a thousand times they were so impressed and proud!
I hope soon I'll be getting the opportunity to re-do this, I really liked all the grocery shopping, searching for the perfect lemonade straws (found them!) and of course eating it all.

Special thanks to my Albert Heijn app, with more than 12000 great recipes.
I couldn't have managed it without you.

Happy weekend for those of you who don't have vacation,
personally I keep forgetting what day or even what month it is, no rhythm at all for me.
And I love it!

xo Jessica


  1. Looks so delicious! I love homemade cakes!

    Rhia from

    1. Thanks for all your comments, Rhia!
      Because I can check my statistics and see that people read my blog,
      but a comment means a lot more.<3

      And I know! ;P It was delish indeed.