Friday, 12 July 2013

A better world in three mini steps

And 'vintage' is equal to 'better', right? Hm.

This is not going to be a tutorial, 
but just some prove (to myself?) that this rule can't be a lifeguide: 'only when you see a clothing item in the store and you get that WOW-feeling, you should buy it.' 

Nope! Because even when something doesn't look that spectacular at first sight (there's lots of non-spectacular looking clothes at a thrift store for example), you can still make it very 'you'!

Sometimes you can get to customizing the same afternoon, other times you have had the garment hanging in your wardrobe for months once you see the light on how to make it perfect.

In the following months I will be posting more of these items that didn't look classic or feminine at first, but that I made a bit more cheerful. 

Starting off with a shirt I already showed you a week or two ago!

The yellow granny one. 


Flower detailing had me sold!

But still, the fit was horrible, despite the cute flower details.
Sooo. (it was sized 36 - Small (German/Dutch size) - my modern size exactly!)
Haha no. 
It covers my bum, it's like some girl from a movie wearing her boyfriend's shirt the morning after. That kind of size. Less sexy though.
The shirt isn't vintage but is second hand, found in a thrift shop. 
I had been searching for a pastel yellow summer blouse for a long time, and here you go: €3,50! 

And now it comes down to thinking out side the box called '80s...
Remove the shoulder pads and tuck the shirt in a '40s or '50s style skirt!

Wasn't completely satisfied with the buttons yet, so I replaced 
  these:                                                                                     with these:

Even cuter, I think!

So, if your Mum or your friend or anyone tells you while shopping, 'nah, I wouldn't buy it, you aren't totally in love with it, are you?' 

You can fall madly in love with it later on!

Have a lovely day xoxo

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  1. The blouse is very cute! The buttons you choose were a good choice, it makes it look more 1940s.