Monday, 15 July 2013

365 days of Instagram

My personal trending topics: popular photos

Well, I didn't post one photo every day those 365 days, but it's been exactly one year since I downloaded my IG app!
(and one year since I got my iPhone but the focus will be on the ultimate hipster app)

Ah, instagram. Where to start?
It gave me a lot of confidence (people all over the world liking your photos and commenting on them too..!) but also a lot of stress when a photo didn't get the amount of likes I'd hoped for, especially in the beginning.

I made friends (well you know, internet friends - but the safe kind) and enemies (so called 'ghost accounts' or robots commenting on your photos 'make $1000 a day NOW!').
There will always be that person that likes almost all of your photos, but doesn't hit the 'follow' button, and no-one knows why.
Or that girl who follows - unfollows - follows again - leaves me for good - comes back to me in deep shame.
I've had some nasty experiences with IG accounts that wanted pictures of my feet: naive me agreed and before I knew it creepy foot fetishists got their hands on them and did I-don't-want-to-know-what with them.

Nevertheless I wouldn't delete my Instagram-account ( or click right ---> ) for the world!

Other TT's

Because of this app I had a kind of step to start blogging - I knew I would at least have a few readers
when I shared my blog on my IG.

A few IG statistics:

I posted 290 photos,
have 338 followers,
I follow 154 people,
received 6740 likes
and 768 comments.
And counting!

What also happened thanks to IG: my knowledge on the subject called vintage improved, inspiration is right there for me, and I also developed my style: from hardly knowing the difference between '40s and '60s fashion, I think I do now - and more!

And yes, I've been there: hash tagging.
I was a serious hash tagger. (WAS okay!)

Something like
was no rarity at all!
Shame on me... I did get all the likes that way though; when I posted a new photo, I had at least 4 likes within 30 seconds. (a bit creepy indeed)

A bit of what I call progress:

My first IG's ever
My Instagram glory days, around november: I easily got 50 likes on these photos, something I would never accomplish today.

December, January


My latest photos.
 Oh by the way, as you can see I didn't use the actual Instagram phone app for these screenshots, but For my statistics I check every now and then.

Two of my most popular photos ever:

Around september, 77 likes. Quite understandable: it is a pretty nice photo for vintage beginner.
 But this one...

105 likes! What was I thinking? What were my followers thinking?! One thousand filters, weeeeird brows, sideways victory rolls... And hashtagged #vintage :that's the worst.
Well, talk to you later about this on my Instagram's second birthday, I suppose!


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