Sunday, 2 June 2013

Try something new, try something yellow

I don't own any flat (summer style) vintage shoes. Ok, I guess I could borrow my Mum's red ballerina flats when I'm in serious emergency, but all red clothing items I have are of a slight different red colour, and I'm not such a ton-sur-ton person, so that won't work for me.

'I don't own any flat vintage shoes.' This was the case.. UNTIL.. I found myself at the attic. 
I don't go there very often, maybe twice a week, for the laundry or so. 
And all of a sudden I saw a beautiful mustard tone peeking from a pile of .. uhm.. stuff.

My yellow flats! Haven't seen those in at least 1,5 year..!
Before I got into the war era fashion, I really liked to wear earth tones, and they suited me quite well I think. (and before that, I was only wearing cream and light pink and baby blue and white! No bright colours at all! Not even red! What was I thinking?!) 

Anyway, most of those earth tone items were quite... 2010's. ;)
So, I gave them a second life by passing them over to charity shops or my cousins. 
These flats, however, are a little more timeless. Good enough for me!

Oh, you might wonder what's wrong with my high heeled shoes that ARE vintage. Nothing! 
Besides this : I can't wear those babies all day long when I have to do a lot of stair walking and running to get into my class in time. Or, for example when I'm going on a city trip and will be travelling by train. 

Lately I've often been solving this (first world) problem by not going for vintage at all that day, but trying out some completely different look (think skinny jeans, combat boots and a loose t-shirt). 

But especially this summer (and especially the city I'll be visiting in August - will tell you more later! Eeeee) I want to wear the outfits I'm most comfortable in: vintaaage. <3
Without painful feet please!

Flats are the answer. (Or wedges, yes I'm aware of that.)

But the colour remains difficult to combine. 
There are no yellow pieces in my wardrobe - at least, not that deep curry yellow, only close-to-white yellow, you know what I mean.

But! Aha! I dived into my (not so very lively) scarf drawer and found this cutie. Cream, orange, yellow and blue - not a colour combo I would think of so soon but I love it anyway.

It's not quite the exact same tone of yellow of the shoes but it's spring so who cares?

Add a cream top or sweater and blue skirt and you're good to go!

This '30s sweater has cute ridges at the hem but I always wear it tucked in high waisted skirts or pants so no-one ever sees them, meh. 

Oh by the way, I didn't wear the scarf around my neck or in my hair, it's too small for that and at school I would really get weird looks.
In stead, I wrapped it around my school bag. 
Looks pretty nice, don't you think?

Looks rather orange here, but that's just the leather of course.

Simply make up and hair, because obviously with such shoes and such a scarf, no red lips would match. 

Later I was thinking, a few bakelite bangles would totally top it off, but I don't own any so case closed.

I wore this outfit Friday, but I wasn't able to blog about it until now because I went to the craziest event EVAR yesterday! It's the EO-Jongerendag in Dutch - Youthday, organised by the Evangelical Broadcast - together with 25.000 other young people, I enjoyed christian bands, prayed and worshipped our great God! 
So looking forward to next year! 

Also, it seems it's finally becoming spring here, so more sunny outfit posts are coming your way! 

Wow, so much exclamation marks in that last paragraph.

Happy 23rd week of the year XO

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