Saturday, 8 June 2013

- Multi-purpose blogpost -

Normally before writing a blogpost I always think of what post it's going to be - an outfit, a haul, a tutorial (ok haven't done that one yet in my short blogging career).
Not this time though!

I had a few nice 'vintage' moments this week, all different kinds. 
I caught them with my camera and here we go! 

Today's outfit!
Lately I've been a bit more 1930's focused but today I felt like going all the way '40s!
This dress is the love of my life - perfect fit, wasn't too expensive and can be worn in summertime and as well during winter.
Bought it at Episode, Amsterdam.
Oh and do you like my hair? I curled it yesterday, but I rode my bike a few kilometres...
My locks feel like it is even more straight than when I wouldn't have used rollers at all.
Anyway my victory rolls turned out fine!
Red lipstick, red flats: let the fun begin!
Which was going to the local shopping centre for a few groceries, so badass.

I was babysitting yesterday night, and they had some cute classic stuffs around their house!

Ahh, Disney.. 
This is the one of the most read magazines in the country - the Disney comic mag, called after Donald Duck. Above, we obviously see Jose Carioca from Rio, one of my personal favourites. Such a womanizer! 
But I took this picture because the girl's hair (Miss Rio xD) is actually quite 40's, right? Of course, a bit exaggerated, but definitely bangs and a page boy. I like it! 

Yes, spring has definitely come to us Dutchies! 
It took a while but here it is and everyone is enjoying it to the fullest. 
And tell me: pink flowers, can it get any sunnier?
Don't think so! 
I really really want this beautiful pastel combo of pink, white and green turned into a cute print...

This is a detail of a lovely bowl from the 1970's, but somehow I find this kind of Art Deco-ish!
Which is always a good idea. 

!!!! My dearest Mum wanted to give this utterly adorable picknick basket away!
Silly woman.
Okay, it was probably a few years ago she planned on doing so but it never made it out of our house - fate obviously!
It has nothing to do with genuine antiques of course, but it definitely is cute and I can already see myself posing with a yellow dress, white flowers in my hair and this basket in my hand. :)

Happy blogging! xoxo

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  1. Oh you look so adorable in that blue dress :D And good job on victory rolls! I have always found victory rolls the most difficult hairdo to create, still learning to acheave perfect look.

    Rhia from