Friday, 14 June 2013

Mourning some shorts



Okay, not literally mourning, but I am definitely sad!
For the first time in my life I grew out of a clothing item, not in length of course, but uhh you know.. in width.
I stopped getting taller (notice how I not use the word growing? I'll come to that later) when I was about 13 so the clothes I bought after that should all still fit, and most of them do.
That might partly be because of the fact that I never wore a lot of jeans or pants - even before vintage, it was  mainly skirts and dresses for me. And those tend to... adapt a bit more to weight fluctuations. ;)

However for summer I do like me some attire where my legs are separated in: I'd rather not have Marilyn Moments in public.
So these H&M shorts which were on sale (€10) seemed perfect!

And they were - when I was 15.
As for most clothing pieces from the pre-vintage era (for me that is 2009-2011/12) I had forgot about it for a long time, it was stacked away in the attic wardrobe no-one ever looks in.
But just as the yellow shoes some blogposts ago, these shorts came back into my life.
(they're not really shorts actually, they're as short as bermudas I'd say (do women's bermudas actually exist? xD) well let's say men's shorts size. Not bum-revealing things in any case!)

I was rather thrilled, because when I bought the shorts I had them in mind combined with a t-shirt and bright trainers. Now, two years later, I realise that they can be worn in a classic way very well too!
They CAN be worn, I said... Not by me, though!
I simply gained some weight. I wouldn't say I got fat, but just more.. female. 
Doesn't bother me at all, except for the fact that now I have to let go of this cutie.

It really looks vintage and cute when on:)
And it looks super bleached but that's okay when worn
Is it really that bad?
Uh, yes. I can't 'close' the (single) button nor zip up. My behind looks like Betty Grable (quick reminder: click) gone bad and trashy, or even worse. 
I do this funny little dance when putting it on - you know, the too skinny skinny jeans dance. 
When I've eaten a good plate of food, this is all 4 times worse. 
So yeah, it is definitely that bad!

Obligatory fabric close-up. It's really light blue and off white though, not yellow-ish

I had it all made up already.
City trip, crisp white shirt, cute sandals or wedges, my '30s sunglasses and these shorts.
Or: going to the beach with friends, lovely wartime bikini, and when going for an ice cream I could put these striped shorts on, and when it would get a little chilly in the evening, I could combine them with my vintage white sweater.

This would also be a cute outfit:
pink-white striped blouse, blue-white striped shorts.
Maybe some yellow-white flowers in my hair, perfect.
Gotta love pastels, eh!

None of it though...

But we're getting too dramatic now.
The question is, what are we going to do about it?
'Widen' it out? Nah, I'd probably ruin the fabric and make it even worse than it was before. Not going to happen.
Lose weight? Not necessary at all, I might shrink in body parts... I just don't want to shrink in (hehe wink wink). Also, I do have some other vintage pieces in my clothing pile that are slightly too wide for me but still wearable, would be silly if I'd have to throw these away for only one pair of shorts that isn't even genuinely vintage. Exit option 2.
Then we get to option 3...
Which is unfortunately to forget about them and pass them to someone who does fit in 'em.
Hahaa! You'd really think I'd do that?
Never evar.
Well then Jessica, what will you doooo?
I will keep these shorts, give them a nice special spot in my room and mourn them, duh.

Besides all this sadness, I did get to see this cutie pie yesterday!

In Utrecht. Everbody go AWWW!

Ugh, so I already tried to post this yesterday, and actually I did, just one minute before midnight!
But Blogger thought it'd be cool to remove it.
Now my whole schedule is ****ed up!
(I don't know why I got these asterisks, I obviously just said messed. messed up. uhu)

No but really my schedule is now complete lost, I really had to post on Thursday, not later.

Ah well I think my 35 followers don't mind, or do you?

Bye loves!

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