Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I've been spending money again.

Ah, that's not such a pleasant way to say it, right?
Yet, that's what it comes down to.

I've been thrifting!

Yeah, another pair of black shoes! My 7th pair now, I believe, and that's a lot considering I only have two or three other pairs.

30's-style Mary Janes as you can see

Also enriched my petite brooch collection!
Might write a blogpost about that some time.
€0,50 and €1
That thing I forgot to crop off the picture is a thread, not a hair. :)

An umbrella brooch is always a good idea in this sea climate.
And this flower thing - don't have a sweater or dress I can combine it with yet, but that'll be fine.

Cute simple blouses, one can never have enough of those, eh?
And I really don't have that much - a cute pink/white one with a huuuge hole in the back so only wearable with a cardigan, and well, that's about it. (apart from a few not-so-simple blouses, but those are a little harder to combine as well.)
In other words, these two thrift store ones are more than welcome in my wardrobe!
€2,50 and €3,50

As you could tell, my wallpapers are pink and so almost every picture I take, especially when it's sunny out, has this pink filter... :/ In the photo on the right you can see the blouse really is blue, not lilac or pink.

I had always thought light blue wasn't really my colour (someone in my childhood probably once told me that some baby blue top didn't become me and I have never forgotten about it since, you know how those things work) but with a white skirt, some cute pastel blue flats or socks and nailpolish or a brooch or bakelite bangles - I think that would actually work for me!
Now if only I knew where to get myself some girlie blue footwear and bangles hehe.

But no seriously, this blouse will be okay.

(this lighting thing is getting ridiculous now)

Moving on to the other one then!
I like the print, the colours, and it has a high gypsy rate. (is that politically incorrect? I meant it positively though: the cute embroidery (inspired) ruffles.)
Yet again, I'm already struggling with how to combine this cutie. But I thought this and my Mum thought the same: How can I not buy this - some day a matching clothing piece will come my way.

Ohh my goodness!

I love this kind of drawings! Only a few colours, cool shadows - gorgeous. 

Another 1920's book about girls; poorly written but you can look at it for hours!
It translates 'the Two Sisters' and in another blogpost I will give you some more details - look forward to terrifically cute drawings inside and rhymes that make no sense!

I also bought a few thingies that in no way relate to vintage, I won't tire you with those. :)

 Buh-bye! XO

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  1. Great finds! I especially love the shoes. I need to find a really pretty pair of Mary Janes, T-straps, etc. There was a pair at a thrift store but the size was much too small.