Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dusty Stuff

This weekend has been (and who knows what sunday will bring?) a dusty weekend.

The perfect weekend if you ask me!

Yesterday I went to a thrift store, or more like a thrift hall, because maaan it was huge!
I could've stayed at the books department for hours already.
As for all thrift stores, there were a lot of crappy things but also true jewels.
I think that's what the verb 'thrifting' means: going to search for such jewels in piles of old trash.
I didn't buy much there, partly because it was my first time in such a big hall with so many cheap stuffs - a bit overwhelming and I am not a person who rashes (if that's the word?), I am more of a thoughtful purchaser. So I will make up my mind about what I need/want to buy and come back very soon!

They had all kinds of antique children's book covers on the wall!
Broke my bookworm heart (the covers were really cut from the book) but it does look cute, I must say.

Almost wanted to buy this Art Deco beauty, but the title didn't appeal to me much. 

 Love. But didn't buy either.

Ok looking back at these photos I don't really understand myself for not buying this gem?!
I already have an antique Camera Obscura version (even blogged about it) but wouldn't it be cool to have a Camera Obscura collection? 

Finally something I did buy. Greek and Roman myths, 1949. I did read some of the myths in their original language at school, but never had them all together in one book that I can put on my own bookshelf. Now I do:) €1,50

 Ahh, grandma shirts. They look so horrible at first sight but can turn out...

And after!

Quite vintage and cute! I think. Love this blouse/shirt! I have been looking for a yellow one for a long time and here it is, matches perfectly with my other pastel items.  Also, my font suddenly gets smaller, blogger I don't always appreciate you...

Some detailing (with hipster filter)
Such purchases make me so happy. The price makes me happy as well: €3,50.


Today there was a garage sale in the city near my village. Jackpot!
Ok I didn't buy more than one thing but I did make acquaintance with a guy who deals in Art Deco stuff in my town, yay. 
Sooo I bought this:

Weighing scale!
It's not like I'm moving out or we don't have a weighing scale here, but I saw the colour and ohh.
Pastels make me weak. Not terribly 1940's, I'm aware of that, but had to have it!
Definitely when I saw the price, which was €2. 
And yes I know, it needs to be cleaned up. Will do that some time.


Shutting off this blogpost with some flowers I got from my Mum,
because this week I had my last classes. So weird, this year went to fast and next year is going to be totally different..

 xoxo Jessica

Ugh AGAIN I didn't manage to post an article without attaching a s**tload of photos. :/

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