Thursday, 27 June 2013

Albert Heijn 125 years

Oops, this fresh blogpost is arriving a bit later then how I planned it!
Anyway from now on I really will have enough time to blog according to my blogging scheme since I now sort of have vacation - no regular classes anymore, just tests. 

So today I am going write something about a subject, or more of an event actually, that I wanted to write about for a long time but it never really had my priority. 
However, yesterday, when I was babysitting, the little boy wanted to show me a little video. 
And that happened to be the first commercial ever of Albert Heijn..!
I then did feel like getting this blogpost up.

Albert Heijn is the leading supermarket chain in my country, named after the founder. 
Last year, AH celebrated their 125th anniversary. 

The math kids out there already calculated that the first Albert Heijn store was founded in 1887. Back then, it was only Albert Heijn's dad's grocer. 
Business was doing great and around 1895, the cute little shop was selling ±120 different products. They also started selling freshly brewed coffee. 

In 1910 something very important came in the assortment, something I, anno 2013 am still very grateful for: chocolate duhh.
Just after WO1, Albert and his employees started bottling wine. The chain had around 75 affiliates at that time. 

In 1936 (yeah I didn't feel like paying attention to the '20s) a huuuge coffee advertising campaign: Boffie! (no, it's not a word in Dutch either.) 
Posters, brooches, booklets, even a Boffie (rhymes to coffee - koffie in Dutch) song!

Yes, Boffie is hanging on my wall :)

Moving on to the second world war : WOII was a dark period for this supermarket I visit at least twice a week. 
Ok WOII was a dark period for almost everyone.

Since 1954 the free AllerHande magazine is in stores with recipes and all, nowadays still very inspirational! Definitely my favourite free mag, and there are so many with me.

Ok if you want to know more (but you probably don't) you can read all I just said and more here: . And Google Translate, I suppose. 


To celebrate their 125th anniversary, they had all kinds of cool stunts and reductions, and they also brought out a special magazine (they have always had the monthly magazine but this was a special issue) with background stories and cute advertisements from last century.
I can't find the mag itself anymore in my messy room, but I did tear out the cutest pictures and stored them, so here we go.
Daddy Albert with son Gerrit or Jan - I think

But I bet you were all waiting for the thing that was the actual reason for writing this blogpost! Hehe.
So here it is, the very first commercial of my country's biggest and first (and most loved) supermarket! 

It's in Dutch of course, so here in short what it's about:
How the Cage men used to 'do the groceries' by haunting, but that 'now' in the 1930's it's women who get the food. Preeeetty generalising (even though not at all feminist over here!) - the connection Ma vs Groceries is repeatedly emphasised in every possible way. Acting naturally was something still to be discovered. 
The weird AHAAHH sound you hear all the time is a reference to AH - Albert Heijn..!

In conclusion a rather strange video but love watching it anyway. And hey - '30s fashion!
 Special thanks to Diederik (the boy I was babysitting) for showing me this! :)

On the occasion of AH's 125th anniversary, they showed their love to their clients in even more ways - vintage ways really. And OF COURSE (you know me!) I will blog about those as well.

Bye bye for now! xoxo

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