Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dusty Stuff

This weekend has been (and who knows what sunday will bring?) a dusty weekend.

The perfect weekend if you ask me!

Yesterday I went to a thrift store, or more like a thrift hall, because maaan it was huge!
I could've stayed at the books department for hours already.
As for all thrift stores, there were a lot of crappy things but also true jewels.
I think that's what the verb 'thrifting' means: going to search for such jewels in piles of old trash.
I didn't buy much there, partly because it was my first time in such a big hall with so many cheap stuffs - a bit overwhelming and I am not a person who rashes (if that's the word?), I am more of a thoughtful purchaser. So I will make up my mind about what I need/want to buy and come back very soon!

They had all kinds of antique children's book covers on the wall!
Broke my bookworm heart (the covers were really cut from the book) but it does look cute, I must say.

Almost wanted to buy this Art Deco beauty, but the title didn't appeal to me much. 

 Love. But didn't buy either.

Ok looking back at these photos I don't really understand myself for not buying this gem?!
I already have an antique Camera Obscura version (even blogged about it) but wouldn't it be cool to have a Camera Obscura collection? 

Finally something I did buy. Greek and Roman myths, 1949. I did read some of the myths in their original language at school, but never had them all together in one book that I can put on my own bookshelf. Now I do:) €1,50

 Ahh, grandma shirts. They look so horrible at first sight but can turn out...

And after!

Quite vintage and cute! I think. Love this blouse/shirt! I have been looking for a yellow one for a long time and here it is, matches perfectly with my other pastel items.  Also, my font suddenly gets smaller, blogger I don't always appreciate you...

Some detailing (with hipster filter)
Such purchases make me so happy. The price makes me happy as well: €3,50.


Today there was a garage sale in the city near my village. Jackpot!
Ok I didn't buy more than one thing but I did make acquaintance with a guy who deals in Art Deco stuff in my town, yay. 
Sooo I bought this:

Weighing scale!
It's not like I'm moving out or we don't have a weighing scale here, but I saw the colour and ohh.
Pastels make me weak. Not terribly 1940's, I'm aware of that, but had to have it!
Definitely when I saw the price, which was €2. 
And yes I know, it needs to be cleaned up. Will do that some time.


Shutting off this blogpost with some flowers I got from my Mum,
because this week I had my last classes. So weird, this year went to fast and next year is going to be totally different..

 xoxo Jessica

Ugh AGAIN I didn't manage to post an article without attaching a s**tload of photos. :/

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Albert Heijn 125 years

Oops, this fresh blogpost is arriving a bit later then how I planned it!
Anyway from now on I really will have enough time to blog according to my blogging scheme since I now sort of have vacation - no regular classes anymore, just tests. 

So today I am going write something about a subject, or more of an event actually, that I wanted to write about for a long time but it never really had my priority. 
However, yesterday, when I was babysitting, the little boy wanted to show me a little video. 
And that happened to be the first commercial ever of Albert Heijn..!
I then did feel like getting this blogpost up.

Albert Heijn is the leading supermarket chain in my country, named after the founder. 
Last year, AH celebrated their 125th anniversary. 

The math kids out there already calculated that the first Albert Heijn store was founded in 1887. Back then, it was only Albert Heijn's dad's grocer. 
Business was doing great and around 1895, the cute little shop was selling ±120 different products. They also started selling freshly brewed coffee. 

In 1910 something very important came in the assortment, something I, anno 2013 am still very grateful for: chocolate duhh.
Just after WO1, Albert and his employees started bottling wine. The chain had around 75 affiliates at that time. 

In 1936 (yeah I didn't feel like paying attention to the '20s) a huuuge coffee advertising campaign: Boffie! (no, it's not a word in Dutch either.) 
Posters, brooches, booklets, even a Boffie (rhymes to coffee - koffie in Dutch) song!

Yes, Boffie is hanging on my wall :)

Moving on to the second world war : WOII was a dark period for this supermarket I visit at least twice a week. 
Ok WOII was a dark period for almost everyone.

Since 1954 the free AllerHande magazine is in stores with recipes and all, nowadays still very inspirational! Definitely my favourite free mag, and there are so many with me.

Ok if you want to know more (but you probably don't) you can read all I just said and more here: . And Google Translate, I suppose. 


To celebrate their 125th anniversary, they had all kinds of cool stunts and reductions, and they also brought out a special magazine (they have always had the monthly magazine but this was a special issue) with background stories and cute advertisements from last century.
I can't find the mag itself anymore in my messy room, but I did tear out the cutest pictures and stored them, so here we go.
Daddy Albert with son Gerrit or Jan - I think

But I bet you were all waiting for the thing that was the actual reason for writing this blogpost! Hehe.
So here it is, the very first commercial of my country's biggest and first (and most loved) supermarket! 

It's in Dutch of course, so here in short what it's about:
How the Cage men used to 'do the groceries' by haunting, but that 'now' in the 1930's it's women who get the food. Preeeetty generalising (even though not at all feminist over here!) - the connection Ma vs Groceries is repeatedly emphasised in every possible way. Acting naturally was something still to be discovered. 
The weird AHAAHH sound you hear all the time is a reference to AH - Albert Heijn..!

In conclusion a rather strange video but love watching it anyway. And hey - '30s fashion!
 Special thanks to Diederik (the boy I was babysitting) for showing me this! :)

On the occasion of AH's 125th anniversary, they showed their love to their clients in even more ways - vintage ways really. And OF COURSE (you know me!) I will blog about those as well.

Bye bye for now! xoxo

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Liebster Award!

Yes, in my short and modest blogging career, I already received a Liebster Award!

By the sweet Lucy-Kate from Lucy Does Blogging, thank you L-K. :)

These are the rules when receiving the Liebster Award:

- You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
- You yourself then pick 11 blogs who in turn have under 200 followers. You must then think of 11 questions for the blogs you have picked and also tell them.
- Finally link back to the blog that nominated you.

So might as well answer these questions!

1) What's your favourite item of clothing?
That would definitely be the skirt!
Skirts are great. I could go on forever about skirts, and I regret very much that most girls and women (at least in my country!) tend to wear only jeans, whenever and wherever.

2) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Well my favourite country is probably Britain, uhh not probably but definitely. But since I'm already going there this summer (YES OMG I KNOW SO EXCITING, blogpost with information and begging you British gals to tell me your personal fav hotspots WILL follow), I'll answer this question with Jordan! Yes. I have always (well since I was about 8) been highly interested in the Middle-East and I might want to study Arabic Language and Culture. And Jordan especially has my interest because.. Petra of course! One of the seven world wonders.

3) If you could only own two pairs of shoes, which pairs would that be?
A beautiful pair of 1940's black pumps, and a pair of brown brogues (or oxfords, however you'd like to call them).

4) Which decade would you rather live in?
Honestly, I am quite content with the 2010's. I can go to University as a girl, but if I decide to do something totally different with my life, that would be accepted as well (ok not by everyone but at least by society). But a different decade? The 1930's for sure. The fashion was amazing, as well as the art and is it weird to say that politically the thirties were very interesting?
Well I said it.

5) What's your favourite book, TV programme and film?
Well my favourite youth book is Saartje Tadema by Thea Beckman - yup that's Dutch - about a girl in the 18th century who lives in an orphanage. The books tells us about her friendships, her philosophies about getting married and Christianity etc. It has taught me so much about Amsterdam in the 1710's and about... life actually. Looove it.
Also it's great how throughout the story it is all quite feminist and about wanting to break free from traditional ideas about a woman's destination.. but in the end she just gets married with the love of her life and becomes his housewife, hehe.
Another favourite book of mine is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier - mentioned this in my Books blogpost a few weeks ago: *click*

My number 1 TV programma is naturally Poirot.
No doubt.
And the best film ever made? The Parent Trap.
In Lindsay Lohan's glory days...

6) Which brand of make-up do you use most often?
Oh I have a lot of 'vague' make-up, stuff I tend to buy at some crappy shop but turn out to be perfect for my skin or have awesome pigmentation. You know.
But I think for drugstore make-up, my most used cosmetics brands are Catrice and Rimmel.

7) If you could throw a dinner party and invite anyone in the world, who would you invite?
Ha! Good one! But I think from all people in the world, my friends and family would still be the best to have a dinner party with. But I do want Louis Theroux and Nigella Lawson to join! (the last one has to cook as well, obviously).
OR I'll throw an Agatha Christie themed party and David Suchet and Pauline Moran and Joan Hickson will be invited and they'd dress up like, you know, Poirot, Lemon and Marple. Yeah I could see that happen!
And then a murder would be committed, as a dessert. Muahaha...

8) Have you got a particular person who is your 'style guru', if yes who?
Hmm, more like a combination of Tickety Boo Tupney, Ivy from Evie's Tea Room and Jip from Old-Fashioned at Heart. These three have also gotten me more into the '30s. And that's a good thing :)

9) What are you looking forward to most in the next year?
Assuming that you mean the next calendar year, so 2014, not the school year, that would be my 18th birthday! I think.

10) What do you like most about the place you grew up?
Oh, a lot!
My cute little town is in the middle of the country, that's just very convenient.
I live close to a very interesting city (city of Amersfoort), with medieval buildings, cute shops, and even a Nazi concentration camp. That last one is not cool at all indeed but it IS very interesting.
My school is... okay but my friends I know from school are great and my church community is unique!
Still, I can't wait to move to Utrecht or somewhere else but I sure am going to miss it here.

11) What's your favourite joke?
Well, it isn't really a joke, it's a meme but I did LOL to it many times!
Here you go:

Omg I hope no one is offended by this one but I find this ridiculously, laughing-my-ass-off-ly funny.


Phew, these definitely were some original questions!
And yes I am aware that I answered them way too detailed, I'm very bad at deleting or shortening such things.

Well let's get on with the nominating then!

Oh by the way later on I was smart enough to check if some of you gals had already received a Liebster Award - the answer was yes some of you have.
Please do nothing then, besides rejoicing the fact that apparently I like your blog!

Annabelle from Vintage History Student
Alma from Swing It Baby
Jip from Old-Fashioned at Heart
Anne Kristine from Fr√łken Toft
Jacinta from Razzle Dazzle Rose
Rakel Teresa from Garden Street Vintage
Ivy from Evie's Tea Room
Alex from The Forties Floozy
Anna from Anna Neah
Rosie (? Maybe it's just your cute blog name not real life name) from Rosie the Crafter
Beth from Victory Vintage

My questions for the eleven of you are:

1. Before you got into vintage clothing, did you rock another way of dressing?
2. What is your non-vintage guilty pleasure? (For example mine is listening to dance and dubstep from time to time.)
3. Sweet or savory food?
4. What do you draw 'vintage' inspiration from most, magazines, films, blogs, or something totally different?
5. Favourite subject in school? (If it's maths I will have to unfollow you.)
6. Have you ever been compared to a classic idol of yours, and if yes, who?
7. Name some vintage item you will probably never have enough of. (and don't all answer dresses or shoes, please)
8. Best thing you have ever done or has ever happened to you in your entire life?
9. Copying L-K's question here: What place or country would you love to be travelling to or through one day and why?
10. Tell me your weirdest habit please.
11. Favourite antique thing you ever bought under 10 euros (or pounds or dollars - at least very cheap). No clothing piece.  :)

Good luck.

Although... I would understand I you don't feel like continuing this thing for yourself...
I mean, it's surely a great honour but it also does require a lot of effort (at least for me) and it doesn't have to do very much with vintage, now does it?
I'll leave it to you.

I have no idea what to blog about the next time (friday or saturday following my scheme) so it's either going to be something very predictable or something very surprising and different - don't get your hopes up, please, thank you.

Bye loves!
How is the weather overseas, down under and in 'Murica?
Here it's disgustingly hot, might as well sleep in the shower tonight.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Joy of Parenting pt. 2

Let's continue with the cute family magazine covers!

The Saturday Evening Post, November 2, 1946, 10 cents

 Week ending March 2 1957 Every Wednesday Fourpence
The little boy playing the drums reminds me of our Dutch king hehe :

The Saturday Evening Post, November 25, 1933 (way older than the other magazine covers! yay)
The book says Child Psychology

Week ending November 2 1957 Every Wednesday Fourpence

Week ending April 19 1958 Every Wednesday Fourpenny
Come to the FAIR
John Moore's dramatic new novel
Baudouin, the Bachelor King
Personal Portrait
Heathcoat Amory

That was it for now.
Do look out for the Joy of Parenting series part 3!

My new 'regular' blogpost is going to be an exciting one, as well. Oooohh...

This week it's going to be lovely weather here with us Dutchies,
hope for the same for my dear readers from all over the world!


Friday, 14 June 2013

Mourning some shorts



Okay, not literally mourning, but I am definitely sad!
For the first time in my life I grew out of a clothing item, not in length of course, but uhh you know.. in width.
I stopped getting taller (notice how I not use the word growing? I'll come to that later) when I was about 13 so the clothes I bought after that should all still fit, and most of them do.
That might partly be because of the fact that I never wore a lot of jeans or pants - even before vintage, it was  mainly skirts and dresses for me. And those tend to... adapt a bit more to weight fluctuations. ;)

However for summer I do like me some attire where my legs are separated in: I'd rather not have Marilyn Moments in public.
So these H&M shorts which were on sale (€10) seemed perfect!

And they were - when I was 15.
As for most clothing pieces from the pre-vintage era (for me that is 2009-2011/12) I had forgot about it for a long time, it was stacked away in the attic wardrobe no-one ever looks in.
But just as the yellow shoes some blogposts ago, these shorts came back into my life.
(they're not really shorts actually, they're as short as bermudas I'd say (do women's bermudas actually exist? xD) well let's say men's shorts size. Not bum-revealing things in any case!)

I was rather thrilled, because when I bought the shorts I had them in mind combined with a t-shirt and bright trainers. Now, two years later, I realise that they can be worn in a classic way very well too!
They CAN be worn, I said... Not by me, though!
I simply gained some weight. I wouldn't say I got fat, but just more.. female. 
Doesn't bother me at all, except for the fact that now I have to let go of this cutie.

It really looks vintage and cute when on:)
And it looks super bleached but that's okay when worn
Is it really that bad?
Uh, yes. I can't 'close' the (single) button nor zip up. My behind looks like Betty Grable (quick reminder: click) gone bad and trashy, or even worse. 
I do this funny little dance when putting it on - you know, the too skinny skinny jeans dance. 
When I've eaten a good plate of food, this is all 4 times worse. 
So yeah, it is definitely that bad!

Obligatory fabric close-up. It's really light blue and off white though, not yellow-ish

I had it all made up already.
City trip, crisp white shirt, cute sandals or wedges, my '30s sunglasses and these shorts.
Or: going to the beach with friends, lovely wartime bikini, and when going for an ice cream I could put these striped shorts on, and when it would get a little chilly in the evening, I could combine them with my vintage white sweater.

This would also be a cute outfit:
pink-white striped blouse, blue-white striped shorts.
Maybe some yellow-white flowers in my hair, perfect.
Gotta love pastels, eh!

None of it though...

But we're getting too dramatic now.
The question is, what are we going to do about it?
'Widen' it out? Nah, I'd probably ruin the fabric and make it even worse than it was before. Not going to happen.
Lose weight? Not necessary at all, I might shrink in body parts... I just don't want to shrink in (hehe wink wink). Also, I do have some other vintage pieces in my clothing pile that are slightly too wide for me but still wearable, would be silly if I'd have to throw these away for only one pair of shorts that isn't even genuinely vintage. Exit option 2.
Then we get to option 3...
Which is unfortunately to forget about them and pass them to someone who does fit in 'em.
Hahaa! You'd really think I'd do that?
Never evar.
Well then Jessica, what will you doooo?
I will keep these shorts, give them a nice special spot in my room and mourn them, duh.

Besides all this sadness, I did get to see this cutie pie yesterday!

In Utrecht. Everbody go AWWW!

Ugh, so I already tried to post this yesterday, and actually I did, just one minute before midnight!
But Blogger thought it'd be cool to remove it.
Now my whole schedule is ****ed up!
(I don't know why I got these asterisks, I obviously just said messed. messed up. uhu)

No but really my schedule is now complete lost, I really had to post on Thursday, not later.

Ah well I think my 35 followers don't mind, or do you?

Bye loves!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

- Multi-purpose blogpost -

Normally before writing a blogpost I always think of what post it's going to be - an outfit, a haul, a tutorial (ok haven't done that one yet in my short blogging career).
Not this time though!

I had a few nice 'vintage' moments this week, all different kinds. 
I caught them with my camera and here we go! 

Today's outfit!
Lately I've been a bit more 1930's focused but today I felt like going all the way '40s!
This dress is the love of my life - perfect fit, wasn't too expensive and can be worn in summertime and as well during winter.
Bought it at Episode, Amsterdam.
Oh and do you like my hair? I curled it yesterday, but I rode my bike a few kilometres...
My locks feel like it is even more straight than when I wouldn't have used rollers at all.
Anyway my victory rolls turned out fine!
Red lipstick, red flats: let the fun begin!
Which was going to the local shopping centre for a few groceries, so badass.

I was babysitting yesterday night, and they had some cute classic stuffs around their house!

Ahh, Disney.. 
This is the one of the most read magazines in the country - the Disney comic mag, called after Donald Duck. Above, we obviously see Jose Carioca from Rio, one of my personal favourites. Such a womanizer! 
But I took this picture because the girl's hair (Miss Rio xD) is actually quite 40's, right? Of course, a bit exaggerated, but definitely bangs and a page boy. I like it! 

Yes, spring has definitely come to us Dutchies! 
It took a while but here it is and everyone is enjoying it to the fullest. 
And tell me: pink flowers, can it get any sunnier?
Don't think so! 
I really really want this beautiful pastel combo of pink, white and green turned into a cute print...

This is a detail of a lovely bowl from the 1970's, but somehow I find this kind of Art Deco-ish!
Which is always a good idea. 

!!!! My dearest Mum wanted to give this utterly adorable picknick basket away!
Silly woman.
Okay, it was probably a few years ago she planned on doing so but it never made it out of our house - fate obviously!
It has nothing to do with genuine antiques of course, but it definitely is cute and I can already see myself posing with a yellow dress, white flowers in my hair and this basket in my hand. :)

Happy blogging! xoxo

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I've been spending money again.

Ah, that's not such a pleasant way to say it, right?
Yet, that's what it comes down to.

I've been thrifting!

Yeah, another pair of black shoes! My 7th pair now, I believe, and that's a lot considering I only have two or three other pairs.

30's-style Mary Janes as you can see

Also enriched my petite brooch collection!
Might write a blogpost about that some time.
€0,50 and €1
That thing I forgot to crop off the picture is a thread, not a hair. :)

An umbrella brooch is always a good idea in this sea climate.
And this flower thing - don't have a sweater or dress I can combine it with yet, but that'll be fine.

Cute simple blouses, one can never have enough of those, eh?
And I really don't have that much - a cute pink/white one with a huuuge hole in the back so only wearable with a cardigan, and well, that's about it. (apart from a few not-so-simple blouses, but those are a little harder to combine as well.)
In other words, these two thrift store ones are more than welcome in my wardrobe!
€2,50 and €3,50

As you could tell, my wallpapers are pink and so almost every picture I take, especially when it's sunny out, has this pink filter... :/ In the photo on the right you can see the blouse really is blue, not lilac or pink.

I had always thought light blue wasn't really my colour (someone in my childhood probably once told me that some baby blue top didn't become me and I have never forgotten about it since, you know how those things work) but with a white skirt, some cute pastel blue flats or socks and nailpolish or a brooch or bakelite bangles - I think that would actually work for me!
Now if only I knew where to get myself some girlie blue footwear and bangles hehe.

But no seriously, this blouse will be okay.

(this lighting thing is getting ridiculous now)

Moving on to the other one then!
I like the print, the colours, and it has a high gypsy rate. (is that politically incorrect? I meant it positively though: the cute embroidery (inspired) ruffles.)
Yet again, I'm already struggling with how to combine this cutie. But I thought this and my Mum thought the same: How can I not buy this - some day a matching clothing piece will come my way.

Ohh my goodness!

I love this kind of drawings! Only a few colours, cool shadows - gorgeous. 

Another 1920's book about girls; poorly written but you can look at it for hours!
It translates 'the Two Sisters' and in another blogpost I will give you some more details - look forward to terrifically cute drawings inside and rhymes that make no sense!

I also bought a few thingies that in no way relate to vintage, I won't tire you with those. :)

 Buh-bye! XO