Sunday, 26 May 2013

The start of something new!

Ugh, while typing that title I immediately got the High School Musical opening song in my head. :/

But, this really might be the start of something new, since I am the proud owner of a genuine Singer sewing machine!

It's not such a sunny reason why I got this cutie to be mine: an old gentleman from our church we know very well is moving to a nursing home. A few years ago, his wife passed away and he hasn't been  able to throw away any of her stuff: too emotional. But now that he's moving he simply has to, and my Mum helped him with sorting it all out. And so they came across this sewing machine and a bag of clothes from her 'slimmer years' and well, our old friend didn't like to say goodbye to those, but ''at least they're in good hands now, dear''.

So, a Singer sewing machine!
It is the Starlet 334 model - I couldn't make up from the website in what year it was manufactured, but the 1970's that's for sure.

It's that typical 1970's yellow, yay!

Yup, that's totally my finger. But, you can still see the floral print and that's what counts.

It gives me a lot of clothing making opportunities and that is great, because where I live there is not much exciting vintage - in fact, no vintage at all.

But that's okay because soon I will be making my own 'vintage'!
I now get all visions of one day being the Netherlands's sewing Queen...

It will take a lot of practice though... Sewing is not really in my blood - my mother is a great knitter and crocheter, but sewing never really was her thing. Same for my grandmother.

My great-grandmother on the other hand simply was a magician with her needle and thread!
I'll never forget the story my Mum regularly tells: when she was about 13 years old, she got a new schoolbag for her birthday. The very first day she used it to school, she somehow managed to get it completely torn. There was no way she dared to show her Mum of course...
But there was one last hope - grandma! Within half an hour, the bag was all fixed, and her Mum (you know, my grandma) only got to know many years later.

Well, it will probably take a lifetime or two to get THAT phenomenally good at sewing, but I am definitely going to practise this summer!


Over the past few months I have already collected some cute little things here and there to (maybe) develop a new hobby!

Mini sewing box, the blue round thing here^^:
30 needles yeahh

Mini travel sewing kit!!! €1!! 

Not useful at all but ehh
Oh by the way; is it too obvious that I struggle with how Blogger won't get my photos where I want them? Aarrgh! Even Word works better. 

Gorgeous duochrome fabric!
Cool fabric detailing

Cute summer fabric - maybe I can make a girly skirt out of it one day!
And last, but definitely not least...

Ohh how I love and cherish my buttons.. there's not too much of them but I love every single one!

Everyone knows that sewing accessories should be kept in an antique cookie box.

The only thing I've ever managed close to sewing is trying to make boring cardigans more unique  by replacing the buttons with special ones from the market.

So, long way to go!

How have you experienced your 'getting started with sewing'?
(at least I assume that my fellow vintage lovers have all tried to start sewing at some point in their lives...)

Good luck / enjoy this new week! XO

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