Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Joy of Parenting

Ahh, the joy of parenting.
Not something I know very much about, but I do know that it has inspired some classic magazines to make very cool covers.

I have no idea when we bought this set of cards, or where. Way before I got interested in the 20th century, I do know that. So I was surprised and glad when my Mum was sorting out her postcards (she has hundreds of them) and said 'Jess, something for you, perhaps?'

It is what it is:

So, covers from magazines that focused on the daily family life, resulting in pretty awesome postcard designs a few decades later!

I am not going to show you all cards at once - I'm saving some for those non-inspirational (blogging) days.
Besides, there's 26 of them, you wouldn't be able to handle the cuteness!
(I know it says 31 but my Mum already sent some of the cards to her friends - in the end that's what they're meant for.)

I scanned them for you. Normally I just take photos but it isn't sunny at all here and it was also getting too dark, and my iPhone flash is not even remotely satisfying.

Scanning is not really my thing, I figured, sometimes the words are quite illegible. But I'll compensate that. :)

I saw this short story' on 9GAG a few weeks ago, can't disagree with this one!
This is how anger often works.
The Saturday Evening Post - March 20, 1954  - 15 cents

Nothing like a man with sexy out-of-bed hair!
Week ending December 29 1951 Wednesday Fourpence

I can hardly look at this one without shivering!
Can you imagine, all those beautiful lipsticks and clutches..! Argh
The Saturday Evening Post - November 22, 1952 - 15 cents

Week ending February 6 1960

Week ending June 1 1957  Every Wednesday Fourpence
Are doctors really underpaid? Complete Stories by Doris Lessing, Daphne Rooke and Mark Derby 

I'm looking forward to continuing this little series! I hope you're looking forward to follow it.
There are some 1940's cuties coming along as well!

Happy second half of the week,
xo Jessica

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