Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Queen's day

Personally, I didn't expect it would ever come to a new blog post either. (Last post from January 5..)

*insert cliche words on how I was too busy for blogging here, school, family matters etc. blabla...*

Yet, that's the case. I honestly was too busy. The school year I'm in now (don't know what grade that would be overseas but the year before the final/graduation year ok.) is the toughest, and turns out it's too tough for me: I will probably re-doing this year. Yes, that means staying a school girl for one extra year while my friends will be leaving town to go to university! 
But, I'll be fine. :)

Another reason why I haven't been blogging in a while, is that I don't really have a good camera (my iPhone is just fine of course) nor a good photographer. I live with my Mum and, well, she's very intelligent but touch screen or camera focus are strange things to her, hehe. 
I am allergic to mirror pictures so that just leaves my laptop's webcam! Which isn't great either. 

But now on topic! 

Tuesday the 30th of April, we celebrated Queen's day here in the Netherlands, and as you might have heard from the news, it was a quite a rare one! 
Our former Queen Beatrix passed the throne to her son Willem-Alexander, so we have a King. That hasn't happened sinds 1890! 

Personally, I am not at all a royalty freak. Nowadays, our King has absolutely no power and the from-parent-to-child throne (hereditary succession? lol Google Translate is not always there for me) puts quite a great pressure on young kids. 
In my opinion.


My mum and I spent the day with my aunt and uncle and their children (who are like siblings to me <3), mainly in front of the television obviously. And yes, my aunt happens to have a decent camera!

On Queen's day it is usual (or even required) to dress up in orange (our royal family's name is Van Oranje, easy.) But just as most people, I don't own any orange clothing items, and definitely not stylish/vintage ones!
Lucky for me, our flag is red-white-blue (we're not the only country no) and those colours CAN be found in my wardrobe!

      Scarf - Vintage
Cardigan - Primark
    Skirt - H&M
Jacket - H&M
       Bag - Primark
         Shoes - Thrift Store

The outfit has not much to do with my beloved 1930's or 40's, no. Well maybe the colours. Found I hardly have any war time summer clothes! 
Oh, I didn't wear the (gorgeous!! Don't you think?) head scarf all day, at some point I couldn't stand the people yelling 'Hey Fatima!' at me anymore. 'Cause you know, that's what you do when you see a girl walking with KIND OF the same hair coverage as a muslim girl. Ugh.

Queen's day is for me a synonym of flea market day!
Everyone collects the stuff they haven't used for years (mainly toys and books) and tries to sell it. Everywhere are food stands, it's definitely my most favourite day of the year!

And I scored some cute things!

So, that was my Queen's day in short!

Hope you liked this post, and from now on I really will keep updating. :)

Xo Jessica

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