Sunday, 12 May 2013

Minus 15!

Yup, minus 15...

Oh, it's not THAT cold here in the Netherlands!

But I got my hair cut and left (at least) 15 centimeters of hair behind!

I really have to get used to it, but it does give me a lot of vintage style opportunities.

Before, obviously
(Note to self: tidy up room when going to take photos that will go on the Internet)
And after my rebirth // don't mind my lame IKEA mirrors where the middle one is missing, still desperately in search for THE classic mirror..

Okay, the contrast between the before and after photos might be exaggerated, but that was kind of how I felt. My hair looks kind of pretty and a little ombre in the first photo: Trust me, that's the lightning. It was very dead and had split ends, which is not very surprising keeping in mind my last hair cut was in October. 
When the hair dresser girl started cutting, it almost immediately felt lighter, LITERALLY. (I hate misuse of that word so much but in this case I just mean not figuratively but literally! :) )
My longer hair wasn't always a disaster, I rocked up does from time to time:

Or 'curls' + Victory Rolls

Anyhow, I hope that with this hair revolution I can create/rock more 'schoolgirl' hair styles, because all those rolls and pin curls are so stunning indeed, but young wartime girls did NOT have time to look like that.
And therefore nor shall I! 
I am not trying to look like classic Hollywood stars but just like what I am: a 17 year old. 
So, basic is keyword. 

If you have any tips for me how I can easily style my new hair, feel free! 

Happy Mother's day! 

xx Jessica

Oh, do you like my outfit today? I know I do!

Maybe not very spring-y colours, but spring doesn't seem to have hit this country yet.

 Pencil skirt - Thrift store
Cardigan - Primark
       Blouse - my Mum's


  1. You are so beautiful girl. And I saw you are from NL. I was there before 2 years, and coming again this summer.

    I eeally like your blog, I m following you :)

    1. Thank you for the sweet message, dear!
      Oh really? That's lovely!
      Why, if I may ask? Are you visiting friends here, or are you just going for holidays or an exchange project?