Thursday, 16 May 2013

Life-changing gadget

Sure, the smartphone and laptop I use every day from the company named after a fruit (wink wink) are great.

However, that is not the device I am talking about now.

It's my fountain pen!

Since a few weeks I am proud owner of a real Parker fountain pen. I used to have a cheaper version already, but sadly it broke. After my birthday in April I had quite enough money and bought this beauty!

See how the 'clip-thing' looks like an arrow?

I'll have you know: since fountain pens have come in my life, I can't write anything down neatly with a ballpoint. 
My Parker pen dances over the paper, expressing all my thoughts, writing down all my fantasies... and homework. 

What you see here is my Dutch homework and ohh cliche: but it really is more fun doing this way.
I feel like a girl in 1943 working for the resistance, summing up (in code naturally!) how to eliminate that SSer.
Or I image myself being Pitty Rivers, sending a letter from Malory Towers to her family at home.
(you don't know her? Shame on you and ask your mum!)

Before I entered the shop, I had something around €25 as a maximum amount of money in my mind, but the shop lady was so nice and she convinced me that it was the €30 more than worth. (plus 4 euros for the ink fillings)

With the pen came a beautiful pen case, like a royal pen bed. I forgot to take a picture, so you just have to believe me!

By the way, I am not taking the royal pen bed to school or other places where my fountain pen goes.
Instead, I inherited this pencil-case-thingy from my mum. Yeah, it's super mega retro!
And it matches perfectly with my school bag, a classic model from exactly the same light brown leather.

Suddenly, enlightenment:

my life-changing gadget isn't given a personal name yet!
First thing that popped into my mind: Founty (fountain pen you know.. hehe)
Googled 'founty': as far as I know it's only a beach resort in Morocco, so that's perfect.
I mean, I wouldn't name my new baby after a dictator of serial killer, huh?

I could go on praising my Parker cutie for hours, but, as you could've guessed,
I have homework to do with my new school pal Founty...!

Do you have a fountain pen and do you find it as life- or at least school life-changing as I do?

Oh by the way: if you haven't tried out this awesomeness yet, I can imagine you wouldn't want to spend such quite an amount of money on it.. luckily, there are cheaper dupes that work just as fine!

But naturally I can't ensure that those pens are as pretty as my Founty ;)

Have a lovely evening, or morning or whatever, I am happy to say that all my 29 followers (cute eh?) come from such different places, from the US to Australia, you name it!


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