Saturday, 18 May 2013

Car show - at the right place, at the wrong time...

This afternoon, my Mum and I went to the shopping center to do the groceries, no serious shopping intended.
So you understand, I wasn't dressed up or anything. Not vintage, just 2010's. Very plain, as a matter of fact.
And then, we had just left the supermarket, we heard '50s music, and obviously we hushed to where we thought the sounds were coming from.

And - ahhh!
A classic car show!


The year it was built was not indicated with this car - in my opinion the most gorgeous one!

Nice detailing!




So, this was all lovely. 
Some of these beauties were for sale!
Well, I am probably never going to get my driver's license anyway, so why bother..?

There were even more cars, 1960's pastel ones and 'younger' cars from the 1980s and such. I didn't photograph those, because this is a vintage blog and well if you want to see retro cars, you can google them. 

I saw a lot of cute old gentlemen who could almost be English - so stylish and distinguished.

But oh pity! I wasn't one of them. I'd almost say 'normally', when I AM dressed up the 1930s/1940s way, I get those appreciative glances and sometimes even a 'you look like my girlfriend/mother from the early days'...

Not this time though!
While I was taking photographs, I could feel the elderly people look at me like 'what is a teen like that doing here?!'
It really made me feel uncomfortable.
I know I shouldn't bother, they don't know better and next time I will be prepared for this.
But how often does it happen that there's an oldtimer show in the shopping centre (a 2 minute walk from my house)?
That's right, once a year at most!

Well, following the 'always look on the bright side'-motto: at least I didn't miss out the cars themselves..!

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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