Monday, 20 May 2013

Autumn outfit in May

Well, at least the colours are not very spring-like. But that's okay, because I just heard on the news that this Dutch spring is the coldest since 1962...


I once bought an H&M cardigan because the colour is just so gorgeous!
Way before I had become a vintage gal.
Didn't wear it much because when it's all buttoned up and the sleeves down, it can give one quite a ... puffy appearance.
However, with the sleeves rolled up and only one or two buttons buttoned, it looks rather cute I think!

Another reason I never wore this knit is that it is quite an impossible colour to match with red lipstick. And since my idea of vintage until a few months ago was 'red lips are necessary, one can't be vintage without vamp lips', this cardi was a no-go...
Fortunately, I know better now. (I think!)

Back to the gorgeous colour - a combination of terracotta and peach.
Somehow it gives me a slight 1920's or 1930's feeling, not sure why...
Probably my first acquaintance with an outfit from that era had this kind of colour in it.
Also, it is not waisted but quite loose-fitted, something that's also seen in '20s and '30s.

I picked out a boring grey thrift store skirt and my Mum was so kind to lend me her black blouse.
Add some stockings and cute shoes, and there you go: a whole new outfit!

As I already pointed out in the Queen's day post, I'm having serious problems with photos. Objects are all right, as well as self pics of my face - for showing off a new lipstick for instance. I take those with my iPhone or laptop webcam. My Queen's day outfit was photographed by my aunt with her quality camera, but for other outfit posts... I only have my webcam. :(

So, I tried my best. The fact that my head is not visible in one or two photos is not because of self-consciousness but I still need practice in getting my full outfit in the webcam thing..! Hehe.

Oh webcam quality you never fail to fail me... <3

More realistic view of the colour

Cheap H&M 'pearl' necklace fits around my wrist 5 times! And looks kind of classy me thinks.

Thirties sunglasses! 

These sunnies just have to be used arrogantly, don't you agree?

And these are the shoes. They really are black, not blue - trust me.

By the way, I managed to find a lipstick and blush in just exactly the cardigan's terracotta shade.
Happy end for the cardi after all :)

For the next outfit post I'll try to arrange a real photographer!
And by that I mean a friend or neighbour - sorry Mum. 

XO Jessica

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