Friday, 1 November 2013

I'm a librarian!

Here in the Netherlands, we don't really celebrate Halloween,
but I know a lot of my (47..heh) followers do, so I hope you had a great Halloween!
-I did celebrate Reformation Day though, has to do with church history. Has nothing to do with costumes, candy and pumpkin carving.- 

As you might have read in a previous blogpost, or seen on my InstaGram,
I have a mini job at the local library!
Which makes me a librarian, hehe.

My only job is to tidy up all the books, and last week I was even scolded as I was helping the customers 'too much'... 

Still, it's the best part time job I, as a student, can imagine.

I have been a member of this library longer than I can remember. 
It's a one-minute walk from my house, and can you recall the Photoshoot blogpost? 
(probably not, that was almost a year ago) 
Yup.. same library! (ugh, hate that word. In Dutch it's 'bibliotheek', might be a bit longer but not as tongue-breaking as libwawy)

Officially, I only work two hours a week, but I get to work extra a lot; 
often my colleagues are sick or have other obligations... 
Not sure why they don't just come to work, but I don't mind! €€€

No but seriously. 
The job itself is great too, not just the paycheck. 
Instead of people I am surrounded by books! Pretty idyllic, if you ask me.

The building isn't exactly what I'd call... 1930's.
Not in the least - it's really ugly, especially from the outside. 
Lately, I definitely haven't always rocked that wartime look, but when I go to work, 
I try to dress up as classic as possible, to compensate that 90's ugliness.
(And to receive all the appreciative looks and nods from the middle-aged men in the reading room..)

A really great part of my job is deciding what books to put in the display - aka which books have the prettiest covers!

Every time I am amazed by what kind of books this library has to offer. 
Sometimes it seems a bit random:
hundreds of children's books on Christmas, but only 15-or-so about one of our country's greatest writers.
I am, thanks to this minimum wage libwawy job, even more eager to read.

Happy weekend!
And read a book:)

x Jessica

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Handsome bad guys

I saw this awesome post on 9GAG, 
and being the business woman I am, I immediately thought of my blog.

Didn't want you to miss this!
(Oh and if this is the second time for you to watch the photos, I guess you aren't mad with me either, right?)

1920's men's mugshots.
It probably does not get any better. 

Now these men are gangsters!
Not nowadays' teen boys with their pants hanging unbelievably low.

It looks like a first class photoshoot too. Would love to have some of these pinned above my bed.^^

Who was your favourite?
Personally, I can't choose, but I know the messenger boy on the 10th photo has really nice hair...
Also, the guy 'who refused to open his eyes' is pretty badass.

Oh, correction, I do have a favourite: the penultimate man, Patrick Riley, probably wins the prize for sexiest half-smile.
(with this new 9GAG layout, it isn't too easy to find the OP's username.. oops)

I now realise this was kind of a lazy post.
Anyway I'm sure you enjoyed!

x Jessica

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tribute to Brogues


That type of vintage-style shoe that is very 2013 as well!
(More for men's nowadays but we can deal with that)

Personally, I love brogues (aka Oxford shoes aka jazz shoes aka wingtip shoes or just classic men's shoes as I like to call them) - ok you probably lost the sentence in your head, let's start again. :)
Personally, I love brogues more than any other classic shoe, because of the following reasons:

Brogues are comfortable, no high heels and a bit warmer than open shoes
They're feminine yet 'serious' - not slutty
They can be worn any time of the year: combinable with stockings during cold days, or bare legs and cute pastel socks during summer!
As I mentioned before, they're quite 2013 too, therefore easy to get hands on
And obviously, brogues are VERY pretty.

The word 'brogue' came into English in the late sixteenth century. It comes from the Gaelic bróg (Irish), bròg (Scottish) 'shoe', from the Old Norse 'brók' meaning 'leg covering'.

Boom! Random WikiPedia information you could've looked up by yourself as well!

I am lucky to say that I have owned two pairs of brogues (and still counting).
Well, my first pair passed away.
A €20 H&M pair that served me for over a year (and no, I wasn't always a sweet owner...).
I found some pictures of me wearing the cuties.
Especially liked this one:

Fancy socks
(wow, my legs were baby soft back then! You should see my leg fur now)

Something I actually only notice by now:
The laces! They've lost their brown colour :(

However, those H&M shoes belong to the past.
I did kind of well without my brogues this year,
but as I got more and more into the classic schoolgirl look,
I suddenly felt something was missing in my life.

I already knew I didn't particularly want a genuine vintage pair,
since I wanted to go for quality.

Long story short, the hunting was over when I looked at New Look's website.
Perfect brogues, not expensive, shippable to The Netherlands.

Best part of this: The package would be delivered between 5-7 workdays, but I actually had it in my hands two days after ordering!

Terribly sorry for the white dots on my tights, no idea what they're doing there?!
Very content with 'em.

I said I have had two pairs of these men's shoes 'and still counting'.
For example,
I have high heel brogues on my list.
Something like these would be perfect: 
Fancy, right?

I found these partly plaid brogues on Google too, so classy!
More for the male brogue wearers, though.

And these awesome brogue boots, a bit Pippi Longstocking meets school girl.
Would really like to own a pair!

So far my personal little tribute to Brogues.

Bye bye for now!
X Jessica

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My autumn in close-up

Ok, not my entire autumn, but the clothing part.

I've kind of given up on full outfit photos:
Either a webcam photo, or a mirror selfie.
No thanks!
(You might remember the photography stuggles if you've followed my blog for a longer time.. Sigh)

However, I do want to show you my favourite prints and fabrics of this cold but amazing season!
So I decided to do it differently. 


Close-ups of my favourite autumn pieces.
Use your imagination and combine the shots into a gorgeous outfit!

Here we go.

Cardigan + shirt


This spider is so magnificent! He made an incredible web, and is a real fighter, for example I saw him fight a wasp yesterday. On the photo he looks kind of dead, but he's in fact alive and kicking.

Reeeaally warm jumper

Very pretty cardigan 

Another scarf - not very warm but very nice to look at

Grey/purple skirt, my latest purchase, and already a favourite! 

This cardi is in fact blood red, but it's so sunny here at the moment I couldn't capture it very well!
What a first world problem

Pretty - and kind of cozy!- scarf
Has all my favourite colours in it.

My men's style trousers! 

Autumn is just around the corner:)
Super warm cardigan, and easily combinable too.

Green stockings; often wear these with a boring grey skirt...

...Like this one. 

I have a new pair of brogues!
Might blog about them soon

Another great warm jumper

My wallet

Best bag EVER. Bought it way back, when I wasn't into vintage at all!

Beautiful overcoat that can be worn 'normal' and inside-out
Love the moss green colour!

Detail of the best purchase of the century.
H&M, when I wasn't into vintage all that much, yet this mantle is so 1940s. 

Scarf number 4! A really practical and warm one.
Plus, great print.

I hope you now have a slightly better view on the outfits you might see me in this season!

X Jessica

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Mum's childhood games

Ah, our parent's childhood games.
Everyone inherited them, they're not really that ancient and everyone has at least 4, 
but yet I cherish all of them. 

-the word 'game' I used here can be replaced by the word 'toy'- 

And I wanted to share them with you!
I'm not going to give too much information on the games/toys itself, 
just look at the pretty pictures. :)

This isn't only my Mum's childhood in a few pictures, but also her siblings' (she has 7 younger brothers and sisters).

Mens erger je niet,
similar to a game called Parcheesi, played in the States.
Timeless board game! 
Really makes you hate your family, though.

Nothing wrong with a bit of classic racism!
Haha, kidding.
Love this game of Mikado!

This isn't really a toy or game, but everybody loves a cute little abacus, right?

Pretty domino blocks!

I must confess I never played this game.
It's kind of fragile and we have enough other fun games,
but I believe one has to pick three cards, and then the combination has a funny outcome, or something.
It's called The Entertaining Advertisement Game. Woohoo!

Adorable little carousel - and it still works!

Ooh it's so pretty!
Love the colours and letters etc of this badminton set.
And: not just made in China, but in The People's Republic of China, uhuh.


Well, well, well.
I know - it's been quite a while with this blogging thing.
Once again, I reaaaally can't find the time!
School is fun, but very busy.
I also have a job at the local library now! Perfect, but does cost me extra time.

Now I'm having a two weak break, so hopefully I can make up a bit for the time I didn't blog.
I too noticed that in autumn/winter time it is not as easy to quickly make a fancy blogpost;
I get home from school late - too late to take good pictures, sometimes, it already has gotten too dark.

Anyway, thanks for reading me!
Have a fabulous week.

xo Jessica