Friday, 28 December 2012

I'm going to spend the holidays on this website.

No joke.

You probably all have heard of it already, but for the ones that haven't : .

YES! That's what I'm talking about!

You can find (almost) any ad, from the newest French nylons from 1916, to the all-American Uncle Sam.
Also lots of politically incorrect and sexist posters.

Not only classic advertisements by the way,
you can find 2012 ones too, but since this is 'Jessica's Vintage'.. well, you get my point.

It is very useful for research, but for just drooling over wartime lipsticks (guess you can say that is one of my favourite pastimes) it is lovely too.

When I signed up, I had to 'tell' what I was:
a film maker, a university, a newspaper, etc.
I think that indicates that this is a well-appreciated website, consulted by all kinds of agencies.
(I was an 'interested individual' by the way, I hope in a few years I can say that I'm a history student!)

I must say that it's quite UK/USA focused, I typed 'Holland', my home country, in the search bar; pretty much only ads for the Holland-America line appeared. So.
But that's a minor detail.

Also, when I click the zoom button to see the enlarged picture, an error appears.
But that will probably just be my computer...

Well, just wanted to share this new addiction of mine with you!

If you didn't know it yet, visit The Advertising Archives quickly and enjoy,
and if you did,
do the same.

Xo Jessica


  1. Visit the link below to get a lovely surprise!

  2. Oh wow! I am so spending the rest of my holidays on this site as well since Im studying Graphic Design this year. It will be great for inspiration as my style is very retro/vintage when Im designing.