Monday, 3 December 2012

Cute book, cute catalogue

Good afternoon!

No long text today, I just want to show you two funny things I got my hands on.
Well, actually my Mum got her hands on them!

The first one is sort of a catalogue with famous adverts and pamphlets, from, say, the 1910s to the 1970s.

My mum got this catalogue from her work. Her colleagues thought I might like this, well yes I do!

Then the second one.
A funny little book about housekeeping in the 20th century. Every thing is mentioned: from the newly invented washing machines to sewing clothes for your 13 children.

Ok, it's not literature, but it's amusing to see the 60's ads about kitchens with an in-built dishwasher! What progress!
Also it can be useful for research.

Well, here are some pics.

The mid-right ad! Ö
The more politically incorrect, the better?

Pretty ladies smoking ads. Pretty ladies smoking ads everywhere.

True that. Plus, the women's hair is lovely.

Classic insurance companies!

Far fetched slogan, but hey, it rhymes (untranslatable, sorry). Plus there is a sexy woman, that always helps.

If only nowadays' coca cola ads still looked like this.. *sigh*

Pity there isn't too much background information about the classic pamphlets, would've expected a little more.

Van Sabben Poster Auctions
no. 37
June 4, 2011

Moving on to the housekeeping book.

The title In Holland staat een huis just means 'In Holland is/stands a house', it is from a very old children's song. Not funny in English, no.

Tips and tricks on ironing

Her hair! Gahh

Cute traditional family

Ingrid van der Vlis
Publisher Scriptum

Well that's it!
Hope you like it as much as I do.

Xo Jessica


  1. Great finds! I love the 'Telling a friend' PSA. Equal parts paranoia and silliness.

  2. very inspiring books.
    merry christmas!