Saturday, 24 November 2012

Perfect Saturday

Last Saturday, the 17th, started weird.
We had a wedding the day before and we came home very late so we slept till 11.

When we had finally got up, my Mum headed for our little shopping centre just around the corner.
But after 15 minutes she got back home again, and that was odd, since I knew she would go to the library.
And my Mum usually spends at least half an hour when she goes there.

Then she told me I had to go to the libraby asap, because there was a photographer who wanted to take vintage pictures!

I didn't know why or how, but obviously I rushed to get my bike to have the experience of the month.

In the library I found a beautiful 40s radio and two chairs and a carpet in the notorious wartime poop colours. Sorry.
Also I found a not-so-vintage man, but hey, he's behind the camera.

He explained why this photostudio was situated there: In the Netherlands it is 'Nederland Leest' (the Netherlands reads) this month, that is some promotion to get people to read more.
One book is highlighted in Nederland Leest month, this year it is 'De donkere kamer van Damokles (Damocles' dark room) by Willem Frederik Hermans.
The story takes place in the World War II and is about the resistance: hence the forties' radio.
The photoshoot was part of the book promoting.

I could choose from some hats to put on, but those were mainly Michael Jackson fedoras...
And by the way, I had victory rolls. (You have to have good eyes to discover them though, thanks to the overexposure)
Posing is a serious thing!

Anyway, here are some pictures!
As you can see I am 'reading' the Damocles book.
Joost Enkelaar was the photographer, such a friendly man. :)
He actually understood my style, that is very rare in my town!

Oh, and in December there will be a physical (you know, not digital but touchable) photograph available for me.  :)

Xoxo Jessica

Creepy smile 

With my Mum:)


  1. Wonderful, you look amazing and just perfect in the setting. What a great opportunity!

    Ruby xx

  2. These are lovely! What a neat idea.